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Anatoly Guretski is sure that the ex-president will be brought to justice

Tiraspol, December, 24. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. PMR Prosecutor, Anatoly Guretski, commented on the sentence imposed on PMR ex-president Evgeny Shevchuk.

“Currently Shevchuk has a status as a convict. There is a court verdict, bu not defendant status. The next stage, after the sentence enters into legal force, is sentence execution” - Anatoly Guretski said.

The investigation proved the former President`s guilt in all five episodes: illegal detention of wages and pensions by 30 percent, embezzlement of state assets (83 million rubles) through the Stabilization Fund, bribing prisoners for lying. And two more episodes. As the First Pridnestrovian TV channel reports, the corruption scheme on Biokhim, during which Shevchuk earned hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to the court’s decision, will have to be returned in Pridnestrovian rubles.

“Shevchuk’s guilt in receiving a bribe of 600 thousand dollars from one of the entrepreneurs was admitted. And another episode of bribery - more than 700 thousand dollars, which Shevchuk received from Biochim plant activities” - PMR prosecutor explained.

Shevchuk found out about the first conviction being not on the dock. But Anatoly Guretski is sure that the ex-president will be brought to justice. He will have to pay his bills. Now all ex-president`s possessions can become the property of the state.

“Actually, it is advantageous for Shevchuk: the sooner he comes to justice and executes the sentence, determined by the court, the sooner he would be released” - Anatoly Guretski said.

If Shevchuk takes courage and executes a court sentence, in 2034 he will be free, but without the right to work in government positions for five years after the conclusion. Shevchuk was deprived of all the regalia and state awards. The ex-president`s lawyers can appeal against the verdict of the Supreme Court within a week after receiving a copy of the sentence.

It should be reminded, that the Supreme Court sentenced Evgeny Shevchuk to 16 years` rigorous imprisonment and a fine of 600 million rubles.


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