JCC considers replacement of terminal at peacekeeping checkpoint in Dubossary

01/19/17 15:51

JCC considers replacement of terminal at peacekeeping checkpoint in Dubossary

JCC representatives and members of the Joint Military Command will visit the checkpoint to make a final decision

Bendery, 19 January. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The possibility of replacing a terminal at the 9th (left) peacekeeping checkpoint in Dubossary district was discussed today during a meeting of the Joint Control Commission (JCC). As we have reported, the Pridnestrovian side has repeatedly pointed out that this terminal has not been replaced since the early 1990s and is currently in poor condition.

Following the discussion, it was decided to visit the checkpoint within a week to assess the service conditions of peacekeepers. Members of the Joint Military Command and representatives of the JCC's military authorities will study this issue.

«We have revisited the situation at the 9th (left) peacekeeping post. Our military with representatives of the Joint Military Command, with representatives of the JCC's military authorities were proposed to go to the peacekeeping post to assess the real situation and make a decision on replacing the old terminal, which is not conducive to the normal fulfilment of tasks. We might as well find a solution to this situation," said Pridnestrovie's JCC co-chair, Oleg Belyakov.

The JCC meeting also approved a report on the seizure of weapons and ammunition in the Security Zone in 2015−2016.

«This is a very voluminous, large piece of work, which suggests that the peacekeeping operation is still aware of what is going on in the Security Zone, [where] weapons and ammunition are still seized, and all this is controlled by the peacekeeping forces together with the law enforcement agencies of the sides," underscored Oleg Belyakov.


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