President instructs MFA to develop plan of events for 25th anniversary of peacekeeping operation

01/12/17 15:01

President instructs MFA to develop plan of events for 25th anniversary of peacekeeping operation

The president also recommends the foreign ministry to continue the dialogue with Moldova about unblocking the work of the Joint Control Commission

Tiraspol, 12 January. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. During the enlarged meeting of the government that took place yesterday, President Krasnoselsky outlined his vision of the work of the State Customs Committee (SCC), the president's press service reports.

One of the main tasks facing the SCC today, according to the president, is to change the committee's working philosophy. Vadim Krasnoselsky underscored: «Advisory functions in the work of the committee must prevail over control and fiscal ones. Checks by the customs authorities of marketplaces and other sales outlets should be stopped. Unscheduled checks can be performed only by the personal order of the SCC chair and on his own responsibility.»

The current system of customs evaluation of the objective value of goods, as well as the size of import duties on some food products, needs reviewing.

Addressing to the SCC leadership, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled the need to provide war veterans with the possibility of bringing in a car to the country once in 10 years without paying customs clearance.

«This initiative is based on numerous applications of citizens. Veterans are waiting for its adoption," said the president.

To ensure the normal mode of service by the offices and units was the basic message of the president's instructions to the Ministry of State Security of the PMR (MSS). Vadim Krasnoselsky insists that unnecessary tension should not be created for Pridnestrovian citizens at checkpoints when crossing the state border. Besides, the MSS should take measures to equip the border and provide it with necessary facilities.

Speaking about the implementation of foreign policy, the president instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue the dialogue with Moldova about unblocking the work of the Joint Control Commission, as well as to develop a package of substantive economic, humanitarian and cultural proposals to discuss with Moldovan representatives. The head of state stressed: «The foreign ministry should be ready for the possibility of holding consultations in the 1+1 and 5+2 formats. The work of the relevant expert groups from Moldova and the PMR should be continued.»

He also charged the MFA with developing a plan of events for the 25th anniversary of Russia's peacekeeping mission in Pridnestrovie.


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