Pridnestrovie wants to establish order in Security Zone's airspace

06/23/16 13:44

Pridnestrovie wants to establish order in Security Zone's airspace

The JCC's co-chair Oleg Belyakov considers it relevant to resume the activities of a helicopter squadron

Today, at a regular JCC meeting, the sides continued discussing the introduction of the issue related to aircraft's flights over the Security Zone in the agenda. As Pridnestrovie's co-chair to the JCC, Oleg Belyakov, told journalists, the dialogue is not going smoothly so far, but there is certain progress.

"Though difficult, but the dialogue is going on within the Joint Control Commission. Yes, we can hear different opinions on the same problem, but the main thing is to sit at the negotiating table and talk about peace, say that everything is stable in the Security Zone, which is really so," said Belyakov.

He underscored that Pridnestrovie deems the issue of flights in the Security Zone to be very acute.

"The PMR does not have any other aim than to establish order and flight control in the Security Zone. We are particularly interested in the aircraft performing specific tasks, such as double purpose tasks, which can aggravate situation in the Security Zone," said Belyakov.

He reminded journalists that intrusion issues had not arisen until 2004, as long as Russia's helicopter squadron had been operating in the Security Zone.

"This issue had not been on the agenda until 2014, while a helicopter squadron, comprising 10 aircraft, had been deployed here. It used to patrol the whole Security Zone, and all these issues were under the squadron's control. No decision has been made to stop its work here. If flights are not performed due to technical problems, it is necessary to request the Russian side to secure such a possibility," said Oleg Belyakov, noting that the resumption of its work is legally grounded and relevant.


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