Moldovan delegation blocks approval of Russia's new JCC member

09/24/15 16:25

Moldovan delegation blocks approval of Russia's new JCC member

This has been the first time in the 20-year history of the Joint Control Commission

During today's session Moldova's delegates to the JCC underscored that they were not entitled to take a decision on organisational issues in the absence of Moldova's JCC co-chair. At the same time members of the Moldovan delegation proposed to discuss issues on the agenda without taking minutes of the extraordinary meeting.

According to Pridnestrovian delegates, this would be a serious precedent (the sides had agreed to consider an organisational issue and JMC reports before proceeding to the agenda) and have consequences in future. Besides, according to the head of the Pridnestrovian delegation, Oleg Belyakov, the Moldovan side refused to approve Russia's new JCC member, which had never happened in the history of the commission.

«This has never happened. This does happen between Moldovan and Pridnestrovian delegations, but this has never concerned Russia, a guarantor state. Now this precedent may have far-reaching implications. That is why today the Pridnestrovian delegation has made an unambiguous statement: until we have taken a decision on the organisational issue related to the approval of Russia's representative, we will not discuss other issues, which may be of Moldova's concern.”


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