Pridnestrvie's foreign trade decreased by 19% in April

05/12/15 14:52

Pridnestrvie's foreign trade decreased by 19% in April

Import decreased by 13%, export – by 30%

As compared to April of last year, foreign trade performance analysis also shows that Pridnestrovie's import share remained practically at the same level, i.e. two third in relation to export.

As the State Customs Committee Press Service reports, that expected outcome 2015, determined by the Finance Ministry for the customs authorities, wasn't reached in March and April for the first time. Consequently, only 95% of the planned customs tax revenue went to the republican budget in April. As compared to the last year's April, payments to the state treasury decreased by 42%.

The management of the State Customs Committee takes additional measures to reduce the committee's expenses and to tighten control over customs payments completeness. At the same time, work on the import and export promotion is carried out with the economic agents and businessmen taking foreign economic activities.


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