Alevtina Slinchenko: External control is the opportunity for the government to react to the situation at individual enterprises

04/29/15 15:27

Alevtina Slinchenko: External control is the opportunity for the government to react to the situation at individual enterprises

According to the minister of economic development, it is a question of consolidation of efforts by the governmental authorities to prevent massive layoffs.

In the Economy in Details TV programme on the First Pridnestrovian Channel the minister recalled that the government proposed the introduction of external control (as part of the anti-crisis package rejected by the Supreme Council) only at the enterprises that are in crisis. There must be three factors: massive layoffs, non-payment of wages for over three months or a decision to suspend production.

«We propose to enable the government to appoint an external manager who will conduct an audit, analyse contracts and production costs and find out causes of the crisis situation at the enterprise. There are both outer causes and inner causes, i. e. inefficient management," noted Alevtina Slinchenko.

«The primary task of external control is to gather information on the situation at the enterprise, money flows and current transactions. Some enterprises, despite declaring their problems and seeking governmental support, find funds to repay loans to external creditors," said Alyona Shulga, deputy chairperson of the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank.

The experts have emphasised the mechanism of external control is not associated with ownership — it is about interim measures for the crisis period. «The government has elaborated the mechanism which, in the event the draft law were approved, would clarify functions, powers and tasks of the external manager. It provided for a monthly report which would help to take a decision about the active duration of external control at this or that enterprise.

«The MPs have submitted an alternative bill. It will be considered, but we are losing time. If we had approved the bill proposed by the government, we could solve now a number of urgent issues," added Oleg Khorzhan, a Supreme Council deputy.


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