Nearly 25 million rubles went to the republican budget in two weeks of April

04/15/15 18:10

Nearly 25 million rubles went to the republican budget in two weeks of April

The revenue decreased by 22 million in comparison with the same period of 2014

The Head of the Government Tatyana Turanskaya held a daily briefing where the latest information about the performance of the budgets of various levels, and also the budget of the Uniform State Social Insurance Fund was discussed.

As the Finance Minister Elena Girzhul reported, nearly 25 million rubles made the income of the republican budget in two weeks of April; about 17 million rubles of this sum are the tax revenue. The revenue decreased by 22 million as compared to the same period of 2014, the Government's Press Service reports.

In total, the republican treasury underreceived 145 million rubles in comparison with the last year. If the consolidated budget underreceived 180 million rubles in the result of the first quarter, then due to the republican budget shortfalls amounting to 22 million rubles in the current month the total sum made more than 200 million rubles.

«Results of the income tax collection, of the unified social tax and income tax show considerable falling of total tax revenue, that is one of the main reasons of the Government’s decision to implement a special order of funding. Along with external factors, these circumstances aggravated the situation in the republic even more," Tatyana Turanskaya commented.

As the Head of the Government emphasized, the external factors have a negative influence on the economic agents' activity; it results in the outputs and, accordingly, in the tax revenue decrease».

During the meeting, the Finance Minister voiced the statistics of the salary payment. «Today, the 70%-salary of March is funded for 59% by the republican budget, by the local budgets — for 52%," Elena Girzhul noted.

Besides, in April, 46 thousand rubles were allocated to such socially vulnerable budget items as medicines, 4.6 million rubles — to the food. Also, the current debt of the republican budget in socially vulnerable items including the salaries amounts to nearly 44 million rubles today, 10.8 million rubles of this sum — in medicines, 9 million rubles — in food.

Despite the difficult social and economic situation, the Government continues supporting a number of industrial enterprises. It was noted at the meeting that today from the management of Tirotex and Moldavizolit didn't respond to the offer of the Pridnestrovie's Government concerning the one-year-support. The managements of these large industrial enterprises continue demanding long-term state support.

Participants of the meeting emphasized that, due to the both foreign and domestic political and economic situation, the Government can't forecast the situation for the next three years. The Government's priority task is the preservation of possibility to fund the social payments and to provide the safety of the state.

The Prime Minister added: «Unilateral decision of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers to prohibit the movement of excise goods through the Pridnestrovie's border aggravates the situation. According to this fact, the State Customs Committee forecasts the income shortcoming in the sum of 20 million USD».

Besides, they also talked at the meeting about the state-supported Kamenka sanatorium «Dniester». This institution provided vacation vouchers to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and to the other Pridnestrovians receiving aid. The Prime Minister ordered to submit offers how to distribute the vouchers within the shortest possible time.


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