01/21/20 14:55
January 21, 1817 the governor of the Bessarabian region proposed to Emperor Alexander I to make Bendery an administrative center
01/17/20 19:46
In 1986, Bendery received the status of a historic city
12/18/19 17:14
Employees of the Trolleybus Board who caught the robbers were awarded with letters of appreciation of the Bendery police department
12/06/19 16:23
Money for the purchase of housing was allocated to the city under the State Target Program
12/06/19 10:53
The position was occupied by the Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Tikhonov
10/29/19 17:24
Feerie Dance Studio demonstrated skills along with 15 participating countries
10/08/19 14:56
The program includes a wine-makers competition, a concert and exhibitions