12/26/22 15:26
At the same time, Alexander Rozenberg did not rule out the possibility of revising consumption standards
12/14/21 11:09
Alexander Martynov summed up results of the PMR Government working
01/16/21 22:11
Alexander Martynov cleared up why the tariff difference covering is an instrument of social policy
10/07/19 15:41
The zero rate will be applied, in particular, in relation to leather raw materials, threads and yarn, as well as raw materials for the metallurgical industry
07/11/17 18:28
This is what the head of the PRB, Vladislav Tidva, declared during an extended meeting of the Presidium of the Public Chamber of the PMR
08/30/16 16:25
Yevgeny Shevchuk noted that sooner or later Pridnestrovie's tariff policy would be switched to market economy
12/17/15 18:46
These measures are aimed at supporting domestic manufacturers