12/06/23 17:25
The President of the PMR explained the historical and legal reasons of the Pridnestrovian statehood
12/05/23 17:24
Vadim Krasnoselsky told why the Republic of Moldova did not have the right to claim Pridnestrovie
04/13/22 10:49
Russian General introduced the first Constitution and the principle of power-sharing in the Danube principalities
10/07/21 13:51
Anna Volkova’s book will be interesting to everyone who studies history and wants to know the Pridnestrovian unicity
05/09/21 12:11
The PMR President commented on attempts to rewrite history
03/19/21 19:29
Representatives of Pridnestrovian travel agencies were the first who visit it
10/20/20 11:11
Versts of history will be established at the initiative of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky