The President held an extended meeting on topical issues of the state's daily living activities

06/11/24 16:11

The President held an extended meeting on topical issues of the state's daily living activities

An extended meeting was held at the presidential executive office. The PMR President invited the heads of the presidential administration, the government, the legislature of the republic, a number of ministries and parliamentary committees, as well as the PMR Prosecutor to working discussion. The agenda was formed based on the requests of participants. Future budget projects and the Capital Investment Fund 2025 were discussed. The emphasis as before will be fulfillment of social obligations as a priority when forming the articles of the main financial document for the coming year. When discussing the capital investment program, it was noted that during its operation it covered about 650 objects. Priority next year will be given again to underway projects – construction and repair work that has begun must be completed. They talked about salaries. The practice of so-called pilot projects continues. The results are analyzed, conclusions are drawn based on the effectiveness assessment, and adjustments are proposed. It was noted at the meeting the new system for the formation and distribution of the wage fund does not cover all areas. Its use is not advisable everywhere. Other approaches to increasing public sector salaries are being considered. They paid special attention to the educational sector today. This requires cost optimization, which will contribute to employee income growth. For example, there was information that the teaching staff of educational institutions is inferior to personnel in related areas (43% and 57%) in percentage terms. The President mentioned the successful experience of creating technical groups in Bendery for the repair and maintenance of the infrastructure of schools, kindergartens, and sports institutions in this regard. It is recommended that other towns and regions of the republic switch to this system in 2025.

The meeting participants exchanged opinions on the level of wages for employees of state administrations. It is lower than that of similar specialists employed in ministries and departments. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers this approach unfair. Instructed to prepare analytical reports and proposals supported by calculations.

Another issue that requires joint consideration is the mechanism for collecting debts for non-payment of utility services. The total debt of the population is 90 million rubles.

The meeting participants exchanged views and proposals on these and other pressing issues of the state. The President has given current instructions. A range of tasks for the near future is outlined.


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