Relevant information on the readiness of children's institutions for the summer health and entertainment season

06/03/24 14:57

Relevant information on the readiness of children's institutions for the summer health and entertainment season

213 leisure grounds for primary schoolchildren will operate on the basis of educational institutions of the republic this summer, according to information provided to the President. The program involves 23 Rybnitsa schools with an enrollment of 1111 people, 22 in Slobodzeya district (1003 children), 16 in Grigoriopol (371), 13 in Bendery (809), 7 school sites will be opened in Tiraspol (735 children) and Dubossary (213 children), 3 – in Kamenka and villages of the region (129 children). That is, summer school day camps are awaited by almost four and a half thousand Pridnestrovian children, according to applications submitted to date. If there is a request, other options will be considered.

Playgrounds at other institutions are opened in addition to schools: on the basis of three sports schools (a specialized children's and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve of rowing, gymnastics and volleyball is attended by 48 children from today), a station for young tourists and the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity in Bendery. Tiraspol will use the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity. It is planned to carry out three shifts, 104 children each. This camp involves children staying on the site for several hours without providing meals, so the vouchers are half the price of school ones, said the head of the Tiraspol state administration Oleg Dovgopol.

Each site has its own program of stay. The emphasis is on entertainment and sports with an element of educational work, considering the holiday season. The demand for trips is great. The places, the number of which has increased, are in demand. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that ensuring the safety of children is fundamental. The President considers it valuable to preserve and develop traditions in Pridnestrovie related to the organization of children's leisure time in the summer. This is important for both schoolchildren and their parents, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The President noted that work to improve the infrastructure of 24-hour summer health camps will continue. Much has been done in this direction. Thousands of children who will visit country sites over four shifts will be able to appreciate the transformations. It is important that there are many children who need special support among them: orphans, pupils of social institutions, disabled persons. The state not only creates conditions for leisure for young people, but also annually allocates funds for partial or full repayment of the cost of vouchers.


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