The state of affairs at PSU was discussed in the course of the meeting with the President

05/28/24 12:59

The state of affairs at PSU was discussed in the course of the meeting with the President

The PMR President held a working meeting on issues related to the activities of Pridnestrovian State University named after Shevchenko. The republic's main university rector informed about the current work. Vladislav Sokolov reported on the completed distribution of this year’s graduates, noting that all state-funded students who successfully completed their studies, as well as some of those who studied on a commercial basis, took part in the distribution campaign. The head of the state university recalled that all students studying at state expense enter into a tripartite agreement with PSU and the customer department upon admission starting from 2021. One of the terms of the agreement is that the graduate must work for the number of years specified in the contract or be reimbursed for the budget funds spent on training. Thus, the university-wide mechanism will start working in 2025, when those who entered in 2021 complete their studies. This system is already in effect in the medical field; the Faculty of Medicine switched to the practice of concluding tripartite agreements earlier than other faculties.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked what is the current percentage of specialties obtained at PSU that are accredited in the Russian Federation. According to Vladislav Sokolov, all diplomas of the Pridnestrovian State University will be double without exception: Pridnestrovian and Russian. Negotiations on this issue have been successfully completed. The final decision was made in March of this year: all specialties received Russian accreditation.

The summer examination session has started. It will be completed by the end of June. Everything is proceeding as normal, the rector of PSU informed. He said that the entrance campaign will begin in July. The commission is carrying out preparatory work. The government has approved target numbers for the enrollment of state-funded students by major. As for paid education, the number of students is not limited by the executive body, but is agreed upon with the founder of the university – the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the enrollment of students in specialties must meet the needs of the labor market – regardless of whose expense the training is supposed to be: a state university must prepare in-demand personnel.

The President was interested in readiness of the university in the Russian Unified State Exam conducting. Applications from graduates of Pridnestrovian schools were accepted from May 23. The premises of building “G” of PSU were allocated and specially equipped for the examination site. 80 university employees are involved in organizing and conducting exams. Tests have already been completed in three disciplines. They took the Russian language test today. 240 applications were received. The experience of the three previous exams shows that the actual number of examinees is less than the number of applications.

They talked today about the presidential order related to the involvement of graduates of remedial institutions in the vocational education system implementation. A specially created working group visited all specialized institutions whose students are potential applicants. Career guidance master classes were held at the branch of PSU in Bendery to help children decide on a possible future profession. It is assumed that graduates of specialized institutions will receive further education at the expense of the state. Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on special support for such students and asked not to apply strict measures to them if the success of the first year of study is not the most successful, emphasizing that some children may need a little more time for adaptation, socialization and involvement into a full-fledged educational process due to objective reasons.

Another important topic of the meeting is the Development Strategy of PSU named after Shevchenko. Work on the basic document continues. They discussed and detailed some areas today.

They talked about the need to universally provide university space with access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The availability of Russian electronic libraries for Pridnestrovian students was discussed. You need to register and gain access through your personal account to be able to use these resources, Vladislav Sokolov explained the mechanism of work.

The President’s order, in the execution of which the State University will be involved, is to organize competitions among young talents in the field of modern technologies. This topic was raised during a recent meeting between Vadim Krasnoselsky and schoolchildren. It was decided to launch the movement - “Young Technician of Pridnestrovie” by analogy with the projects “Young Patriot of Pridnestrovie” and “Young Traffic Inspector”. The first meeting is expected to take place in the next academic year. A proposed site is “Dniester Dawns”. The infrastructure allows organizing youth meetings at any time of the year.


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