The President held a working meeting

03/25/24 12:34

The President held a working meeting

The PMR President began weekly video conference with the heads of public and administrative authorities by declaring a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack that occurred on March 22 in Crocus City in Moscow region. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that such tragedies indicate the vulnerability of modern society. The President noted that there are natives of Pridnestrovie among the victims – according to currently available data, people from Bendery. The PMR President instructed the head of Bendery state administration to contact the relatives of the victims and provide them with possible assistance.

The President congratulated Vladimir Bychkov and all the residents of Kamenka in his person on the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the region from the German-Romanian invaders, wishing that the people living on this land would no longer have to know the horror of war. All towns and villages of the republic are preparing for the anniversary spring of liberation. Thematic events are being held prior to the event and preparations for the celebration are underway. The capital's mayor said that – the city fountains will spring to life by the holiday - April 12 in Tiraspol. The trial launch is scheduled for April 9.

The Slobodzeya district in addition to the 80th anniversary of the liberation will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, and Slobodzeya will celebrate the 255th anniversary of the first mention of the settlement, the head of the district recalled. Informing the President about the current work, Vasily Tishchenko said that the issue of optimization in the general education sector was being discussed. It is about the possible transfer of children from some rural schools, the number of students of which amounts to only a few, with the organization of their centralized daily delivery to educational institutions in other settlements and back. This is just a proposal for now. The issue is being studied. Vasily Tishchenko focused on the district’s implementation of development programs, emphasizing that, there are also municipal in addition to state ones. Their funding amounts to 14 million rubles this year. Tenders are being held to carry out work within the framework of these programs at this stage.

The head of Rybnitsa reported on the hearings held last week on the execution of the local budget. The head of Dubossary administration was asked about progress in the construction of the sports complex. An inspection of already completed construction work and tenders for the second stage of construction will be carried out on behalf of the President. The head of Bendery said that the repair of the pedestrian bridge in the area of the Bendery-1 railway station has reached the final stage. Roman Ivanchenko reported that local utility workers are changing their approach to removing household waste from containers in apartment buildings. The new system is designed to reduce the time waste remains in waste bins of high-rise buildings. They talked about the problem of unauthorized landfills. According to the head of the capital Oleg Dovgopol, Tiraspol spent 6 million rubles on the unauthorized landfills liquidation last year. Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on the need to tighten responsibility for storing waste in unidentified places. The Supreme Council and the Government have been instructed to develop a draft of relevant legislative changes.


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