Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the reconstructed memorial in the village of Teya

03/21/24 15:16

Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the reconstructed memorial in the village of Teya

The President visited the village of Teya, Grigoriopol district. The renovated rural memorial was visited. This complex is included in the state register of immovable cultural heritage sites of the PMR. The memorial ensemble was built in 1989. Here is a monument to the Soldier-Liberator and a memorial wall with the names of the residents of Teya and Tokmazeya who died during the war, as well as the soldiers of the Soviet army who gave their lives for the liberation of these villages in 1944. 

On the opening day of the memorial, a ceremony of symbolic transfer of ashes from two mass graves located in Teya and Tokmazeya took place – a capsule with ashes was buried with honors. The memorial site has not been repaired since then. The facility was in need of serious reconstruction. The slabs with the names of the heroes, made of limestone tuff, began to collapse, and the names were practically unreadable. The pedestal of the monument did not stand the test of time. The Teya memorial ensemble was included in 2022 in the state program for the improvement and preservation of burial places of Heroes of the Soviet Union, holders of the Order of Glory and memorials of military glory of the Great Patriotic War. Work began in August last year. The memorial wall and pedestal were replaced. The names of the victims were carved into granite.

Vadim Krasnoselsky recommended updating the landscaping of the memorial complex. The old boxwood has outlived its usefulness. It was decided to remove the old bushes and replace them with pine needles and roses.

The President expressed gratitude to everyone who was involved in the reconstruction of the memorial site, as well as to all the villagers who carefully preserve the memory of the feat of their ancestors and every Soviet soldier who participated in the Great Patriotic War.


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