The Bendery public sports infrastructure development: presidential inspection

03/06/24 13:29

The Bendery public sports infrastructure development: presidential inspection

The President met with the head of the sports school for children and youth of the Olympic Wrestling Reserve named after Badanov Andrei Vyalshin and a the school trainee, European champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Artiom Delyanu at the presidential office last week. 

The reason for the meeting was solemn then – the state awards awarding. They agreed on the next meeting – at the athletes’ site. Vadim Krasnoselsky visited a sports school today. The visit is included in the route of Bendery inspection tour by President. Vadim Krasnoselsky was accompanied by the head of the city state administration Roman Ivanchenko. They discussed progress in infrastructure repairs and the need to equip the institution. There are 450 children in the school. The premises were not renovated many years. The locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers have recently been repaired. Boilers were installed. It's the gym's turn now. Windows need to be replaced. The old ones single-glazed cannot cope with maintaining a comfortable temperature regime either in winter or in summer. The situation is aggravated by the lack of a specialized insulation layer in the building and faulty ventilation. The city allocated 1.9 million rubles for repair work this year. Its implementation is planned for spring-summer. The schedule is designed so as not to disrupt the main training process. The President recommended tinting the windows of the gym to increase their effectiveness in maintaining optimal temperature in the room. They talked about the advisability of moving the training equipment from the main hall to another room located in the stadium next to the wrestling school. Both wrestlers and track and field athletes will be able to use the training complex. The need to purchase additional sports equipment was noted.

The accessible infrastructure development for physical education and sports was discussed by the participants of the retreat and during the visit to the school No. 11 of Bendery. A sports ground is being built here. According to Roman Ivanchenko, they proceeded from maximum demand, when choosing the addresses of future sports grounds. It was decided first of all to build in densely populated microdistricts near schools with a large number of students. There are 650 students in the school No. 11. The facility is intended for wide use by local residents. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers that the correct approach is when the sports complex has an owner – the educational institution in this case.

Secondary school No.15 of Bendery, is another object, on the territory of which sports life will revive soon. The sports complex under construction is typical. It will be possible with its appearance to play volleyball, basketball, football, conduct training in the workout zone, and run comfortably and safely. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the necessity of including the installation of outdoor tennis tables in the project. Roman Ivanchenko informed about the acquisition of coverage for three playing fields. He said that it is planned to build a park next to the new stadium. The upcoming landscaping was discussed. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the old poplars, noting that their preservation is unjustified. The trees have outlived their usefulness and can pose a danger. They will be replaced with new plantings.

The President asked about the amounts allocated for construction. The construction of a stadium at school No. 11 costs 4 million rubles, 4.5 million at school No. 15. The commissioning date for both facilities is May of this year, according to preliminary calculations.

The area near Bendery Gymnasium No.1 is also being transformed. 1.7 million rubles were allocated from the Capital Investment Fund 2023 for its improvement. The sports sector has also been thought out here not as large-scale as in the schools visited by the President today, but necessary for the comfortable and productive conduct of physical education lessons. The Road fund financed the repair of the road leading to the educational institution. Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded of the need to install a sufficient number of benches in the school yard.


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