The President listened to the report from the head of Slobodzeya

02/16/24 13:59

The President listened to the report from the head of Slobodzeya

The administration of Slobodzeya summed up the results of the past year today. The report was presented by the head of the district Vasily Tishchenko. The results of the work and plans for the future were discussed via video conference. The PMR President took part in the extended meeting.

The head of the state administration of the Slobodzeya district and Slobodzeya said that it was necessary to quickly respond to the situation, sometimes making tough decisions in 2023. The district maintained the trend of recent years, exceeding budget revenue targets for the seventh year in a row despite the difficulties. The municipal treasury received 170.6 million rubles (103% of the plan) in 2023. Expenses – almost 276 million (97.7% of the target). Socially protected items financing makes 182.5 million of it.

Vasily Tishchenko spoke about the large taxpayers of the region and reported on the operating 618 small and medium-sized enterprises. 13 of them were created in 2023. There are 3640 registered entities in the field of individual entrepreneurship. The agricultural sector is represented by 437 land users, managing 60 thousand hectares of arable land and 1807 hectares of perennial plantings. 30757 hectares of winter crops, 10698 hectares of spring grains and legumes, 19308 industrial crops, and 1308 hectares of open-ground vegetables were sown for the 2023 harvest. 20 livestock enterprises received subsidies for development. The total amount of payments makes 2.76 million rubles.

The capital investment program in 2023 covered 18 facilities of Slobodzeya. The total amount of financing is 18.7 million rubles. Increased attention is paid to educational institutions. Construction and landscaping work in schools and kindergartens, a summer cinema was being reconstructed, construction of a sports complex had begun, a new boiler room of the Korotnoye recreation center was built, the facade of the House of Culture of the village of Frunze was repaired, roofing and facade work was carried out in the administrative building of Sukleya, sidewalks were put in order and paths in a Park of Pervomaisk, the surface in the area from the Foishor restaurant to the village of Ternovka was updated in addition to repair. The head of the district focused on the implementation of municipal development programs. 7.5 million – funds from the tax on the maintenance of housing stock, social and cultural facilities and improvement, over two million for capital investments and major repairs. Another 1.6 million is money from the Environmental Fund. One of the areas where they are spent is landscaping. 2826 pcs of planting material were purchased and rooted. Another 7000 seedlings were allocated by the Ministry of Agriculture as part of a nationwide volunteer Saturday work day. Almost 53 million were spent through the Road Fund.

Seven enterprises are involved in the housing and communal services sector of the Slobodzeya district. The roofs of seven multi-storey buildings were overhauled during the year; the cost amounted to 1.1 million rubles. Current repairs of the housing stock were carried out. Work to eliminate ownerless, collapsing buildings was intensified. There are more than 1300 such objects registered. 40 units were examined. There was a decision made regarding the technical unsuitability for operation and the possibility of demolition for for 32 units. On behalf of the President, work is underway to include Slobodzeya lands in the cadastre. About 500 cases on land plots of private households have been entered into the electronic map.

Vasily Tishchenko spoke about the acquisition of nine houses and six apartments for orphans in the reporting year as well as the allocation of a room in a hostel as temporary housing, informing about social policy. There are still 342 representatives of this category on the waiting list. An apartment for a combat veteran was purchased using the Capital Investment Fund 2023 program. The living conditions of 20 people have been improved. 27 residents of Slobodzeya were registered at the same time, as those in need of improved housing conditions during the same period.

The head of the district devoted a large part of the report to the educational sphere. Special attention was paid to supporting sports and culture. Nearly eight million rubles have been allocated from various sources for the development of the material and technical base of cultural institutions in 2023. Vasily Tishchenko mentioned among other things that in the reporting period the number of offsite events of creative groups in the region doubled (169 offsite events).

Demographic indicators: 200 boys and 174 girls were born during the year in Slobodzeya district, 228 marriages were registered, 192 divorces. The head of the district recalled that psychologists work with couples who have declared a desire to divorce, according to the instructions of the President. Families were saved in eight cases after a preventive conversation.

Vasily Tishchenko outlined the tasks for 2024. Social obligations fulfillment, infrastructure projects and development programs implementation, including the Capital Investment Fund, resolving the housing issue for a number of categories of citizens under special care of the state, holding events within the framework of the Year of Family and Family Values, preparing for the 80th anniversary Great Victory are among the priorities.

The participants of the extended meeting addressed the speaker with a number of issues relevant to residents of the area, identified problematic aspects, and voiced proposals. They talked about the fight against ragweed, measures that would help solve the problem of stray animals, the improvement of leisure areas in different settlements and the organization of maintenance of public areas. They discussed issues related to road work and the system of financing it. They raised the topic of equipping kitchen blocks in educational institutions.

The President gave comments on the information voiced during the meeting. Vadim Krasnoselsky touched upon such topics as the provision of hot water to the district hospital and the creation of a republican palliative care center in the Slobodzeya district in addition to the questions addressed to the head of the district by deputies representing the interests of Slobodzeya residents.

In general, the meeting participants highly appreciated the work of the state administration of the Slobodzeya district and the city of Slobodzeya and the personal contribution of the head, Vasily Tishchenko. The President recognized the activity on the results of 2023 as satisfactory.


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