The President listened to reports of heads of state administrations for the week

02/12/24 12:30

The President listened to reports of heads of state administrations for the week

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky held a traditional meeting on Mondays with the heads of public and administrative authorities. The heads of cities and districts reported on the state of affairs on the ground. As for the past week, it passed as usual calmly. All emergencies were resolved within a day, maximum 24 hours.

Local budgets for 2024 have already been adopted in Tiraspol and Dubossary. The financial document will be approved in other cities in the coming days.

Heads of state administrations noted the unsatisfactory condition of roads. Temperature records in autumn and winter are making the presence felt. Pothole repairs will be carried out in the near future, in particular in the capital in the Oktyabrsky microdistrict and on the central street – Pokrovskaya. Heating networks are being repaired on the main street of Tiraspol, and then the water services company will begin work. The renovation of the roadway and sidewalks will begin after this. The renovation will be carried out in stages, from the House of Soviets to Suvorov Square. The head of Tiraspol explained that one lane will be closed during the road work, the other will be left for the passage of trolleybuses and minibuses. The rest of the transport will use by-pass road.

Speaking about the repair of facilities within the framework of the Capital Investment Fund, the head of the Tiraspol state administration Oleg Dovgopol specifically focused on the building where the republican ambulance center is located. The first stage of its reconstruction will begin this year. Partitions and walls will be dismantled and all rough work will be carried out. Next year they will begin changing the foreside. Another facility that the head of Tiraspol highlighted is the city stadium. There will be completed construction of fields and playgrounds, the area around it will be landscaped this year. All planned work at the Snezhinka skating rink will continue. The big top will be installed first of all. A plan has been outlined for the demolition of the stadium stands, which cannot be restored. Only the central stadium stand will be left and it will be strengthened.

The improvement of Memorials of Military Glory of the Great Patriotic War and burial places of Heroes of the Soviet Union, full holders of the Order of Glory, continues in cities and regions on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Great Victory. The head of Bendery Roman Ivanchenko said that the reconstruction of the Square of Heroes memorial complex will soon begin in the city. The overpass along Ermakova Street and the pedestrian bridge at the Bendery-1 station are repaired in the city. Head of Bendery said that new bus stationы will be installed in the central part of the city.

The bottom is being cleared to install a pier for the future rowing base in Grigoriopol. It has been built in the city since last year under the Capital Investment Fund program.

Pothole repairs are being carried out on the central roads of Rybnitsa. The city park is being prepared for the spring-summer season. Similar work will soon begin on the city embankment. A mass grave of Soviet soldiers will be repaired in the village of Plot of Rybnitsa district this year.

Road patching is being carried out and 71 new road signs have been installed in Kamenka district.

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the republic will celebrate two dates in the coming week: Day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan and Defender of the Fatherland Day. All activities must be carried out at the proper level, the President emphasized.


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