The President held a meeting with public and administrative authorities

01/29/24 11:41

The President held a meeting with public and administrative authorities

The President held a working meeting via video conference with heads of government agencies and heads of city and district administrations. They discussed the current state of affairs and plans for the near future. Most city and district councils will hold meetings on the 8th of February, the agenda of which will include consideration of draft local budgets. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled the need to hold preliminary public hearings where they had not yet taken place. The PMR President emphasized that increased attention should be paid to municipal development programs. The state capital investment program (Capital investment fund 2024) this year is focused on completing the work started earlier. The quantitative coverage is not as great as in previous periods, but this stage is extremely important to prevent long-term construction, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized.

The topic of modernization of collectors was specially discussed in the course of the meeting. The reason for resuming the discussion was the emergency situation in Mechnikov Street of Tiraspol. There was a road carpet failure there. It will take 2-3 weeks to restore a section of the sewer system and roadway. The service subscribers are connected to the operating collector. The cause of the accident was worn-out equipment. The pipe was laid more than half a century ago. It would be correct to replace the 500-meter segment to get away from the practice of spot patching. It is necessary to modernize the water drainage system throughout the republic ideally. The President considers it appropriate to develop a five-year state program.

They talked today about the upcoming renovation of the road surface and sidewalks in the central part of the capital. There are plans to put in order previously unrepaired sections of the road lanes from the Council House to Suvorov Square. This is a sponsorship investment project of the Sheriff Company. It is necessary with the efforts and resources of the republican and city budgets to replace underground communications and sidewalk coverings in this section. Particular attention to the central square, including the pedestrian zone in front of the building of the Supreme Council and the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Vadim Krasnoselsky outlined the necessity of reconstructing and bringing to stylistic uniformity the sidewalks from Gagarin Boulevard to the Council House.

The Head of Tiraspol spoke in the course of the meeting about the planned renovation work in the City Palace of Culture, noting that they expect to receive funding for this project from funds allocated under the law “On the Status of the Capital”. There was talk about the skating rink. For example, the Tiraspol facility is socially oriented and affordable to a wide range of citizens unlike the Chisinau facility. The so-called out-of-town marathon is taking place: priority is given to Pridnestrovians who arrived in the capital from other cities of the republic to visit the sports and entertainment facility. The corresponding schedule is posted on the skating rink's website. Oleg Dovgopol said that the big top of the skating rink was delivered to Tiraspol. Its installation will begin on the 20th of February. Outdoor skating will be available until work begins.

While discussing Bendery plans and needs, they mentioned Kosmonavtov Street, which needs road work, which must be preceded by the replacement of utilities. It seems advisable to expand this road and create parking zones and parking lots. The ongoing improvement of Gorky Park and the carrying out of landscaping work in the city was discussed. 50 pine trees were recently planted. It is planned to root about three hundred more, including along the descent from the citadel of the Bendery fortress to the Dniester.


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