The PMR President spoke with the head and pupils of the Sports Dance Federation of Pridnestrovie

11/22/23 16:01

The PMR President spoke with the head and pupils of the Sports Dance Federation of Pridnestrovie

The PMR President met with representatives of the Sports Dance Federation of Pridnestrovie at the presidential executive office. The event was of a discussion nature in a tea party format. The interlocutors of Vadim Krasnoselsky were young dancers who have distinguished themselves at international competitions. The youth were accompanied by the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Galina Antyufeeva and the head of the federation Andrei Andronik. Welcoming the guests, the President noted that he had heard a lot about the achievements of the children and would like to know the details of their sports and creative path.

Andrei Andronik introduced the delegation members, spoke about the activities of headed by him organization, as well as about the childhood dream he realized. Andrei Andronic attended a studio in Chisinau and dreamed of creating a decent platform in his homeland, while practicing ballroom dancing in his youth. He opened the Dance Academy in Tiraspol years later, where he trained a new generation of professional dancers in decent conditions. Mentors and students call the training and educational base a dance house, noting that they spend a lot of time within the walls of the academy, and they often prepare school homework here. It turned out that all the young participants in today’s meeting were students of the Tiraspol Humanities and Mathematics Gymnasium from the second to the tenth grades. They say that academic performance is excellent as well as sports results. The President was told about dance continuity, both within the academy and within the family. The older students help the younger ones in the training process. Parents who were fond of dancing brought their children to classes. There are families where representatives of several generations danced professionally and continue to dance.

The PMR President asked about the geography of the competitions in which students of the Pridnestrovian Sports Dance Federation participated. The dancers have visited Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, England, Romania, America, Spain, and Poland over the past two years. The participation of Pridnestrovians is always bright and successful, noted the head of the federation. He focused on the recent victories won in China.

Vadim Krasnoselsky congratulated the young people, wished them new successes and expressed gratitude for the worthy representation of the republic in the international sports and dance arena. He emphasized that hobbies that develop into professional pursuits contribute to the harmonious development of the individual. The President noted the accessibility, diversity and high level of additional education in Pridnestrovie. They talked about current activities and plans for the future.



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