Offsite meeting at healthcare facilities

11/01/23 15:32

Offsite meeting at healthcare facilities

The President held a working meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare. The meeting format was offsite. The delegation led by the PMR President visited several healthcare facilities that were being repaired or were in need of repair and construction work. It was noted that in the course of the capital investment program – 218.6 million rubles were allocated from the Capital Investment Fund to update the medical infrastructure from 2018. Coverage – 85 objects. Plans for 2024 include another fifteen objects. Adjustments are possible. The Republican Clinical Hospital is among the institutions that appear on next year’s list. The Republican Clinical Hospital expects to carry out work at several locations at once. The building of the future catering unit is a moving object. This year’s task is to install a roof, glaze the building, provide it with a drainage system and lighting. Work will continue in 2024. The project provides for the placement in the new building of a kitchen, a preparation and culinary workshop, a food warehouse and a canteen for employees of the medical institution, the head physician of the Republican Clinical Hospital Igor Tostanovsky told the President. Budgetary funding for construction work is provided. Funds for the purchase of equipment will be found separately, noted the head of the city Oleg Dovgopol.

A significant amount of work was carried out in the building where the functional diagnostics department was previously located (better known to patients as the therapeutic building). Reconstruction is being carried out here. It was decided to use the building to house the administration of the Republican Clinical Hospital and a simulation center. Dismantling and roofing work was carried out. They are currently updating utilities. Reconstruction will continue next year. The meeting participants discussed the timing of the project and the amount of necessary funding.

Another building on the territory of the hospital in need of urgent major repairs is the building of the infectious diseases department. According to Igor Tostanovsky, the only thing that does not require replacement is the roof. The rest is in a depressing condition, unacceptable for patients and medical staff to stay in the building. It will take about 11 million rubles to put the building in order. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked where specialized patients would be sent during the reconstruction period. Minister of Healthcare Kristina Albul informed that this direction will be strengthened in the Bendery and Slobodzeya hospitals during the renovation at the Republican Clinical Hospital. The PMR President emphasized that repairs to popular socially significant facilities must be prompt, recalling the inadmissibility of delaying tender procedures. The President noted that we are talking about creating comfortable conditions not only for patients who are in the hospital for a short time, but also for employees.

Major construction will take place next year at the Republican Emergency Medical Center. The President visited this institution today. The two parts of the territory are strikingly different. Repair and construction work was carried out earlier for one of them. The second one is waiting for update. It is planned to demolish the old one-story building, which is in disrepair, built in 1954 as a kindergarten, and later adapted for the needs of the emergency medical service. A new two-story building will be erected to accommodate the center’s staff (about 230 employees). The outdated garage complex will be demolished. The boxes have not been used for a long time. They are unsafe and unsuitable for storing ambulances due to their inconsistency with the dimensions of modern vehicles. According to the head of the center Evgeniy Kalalba, there is no even technical documentation on the obsolete infrastructure. It is necessary to build and equip a new modern garage and repair unit with a car wash.

The presidential delegation visited Bendery with an inspection. The head of the country discussed with the Minister of Healthcare, the Head of the city and the chief physician progress in the reconstruction of the obstetric and gynecological hospital of the mother and child center of the city of Bendery. The renovation project is expected to take three years. The second stage, which mainly involves facade work, is now being completed. The premises will be renovated next year. The envisaged three-year costs are 15 million rubles. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked the head of the Bendery administration whether he had ensured control over the implementation of the project, emphasizing that the repair of healthcare facilities is the responsibility of the heads of cities and districts. Roman Ivanchenko reported that inspection visits are systematic.


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