The President visited Bendery with an inspection

07/14/23 13:53

The President visited Bendery with an inspection

The working day beginning of the PMR President was held in Bendery. The city is undergoing major renovations. Building repair crews work at various sites. The President, accompanied by the head of the local administration, visited some of them. The inspection was in the nature of an on-site meeting. Current issues were discussed with officials and representatives of contractors, including those arising as projects are being implemented.

A significant amount of work has already been carried out on the territory of the renovated Oktyabrsky Park. The embankment has been redesigned. Reconstruction is at the finishing stage in the central sector. Side sections are in progress. Many benches were made for the left and right wings of the park: two dozen classic ones, 15 so-called poufs and one “snake” assembled from seven elements, the President was told today. There are five swings and an object with the working name "windmill". The lighting of the side zones will be provided by 28 six-meter lanterns and 39 lanterns, which are 3.7-meter high. A sufficient number of urns have been thought out. Road works are underway at the same time. This year, 4.8 million rubles have been allocated for the improvement of the park. Vadim Krasnoselsky urged not to slow down the pace of work, noting that citizens are sympathetic to the temporary inconvenience associated with the repair, but it should not be delayed.

The appearance of Sovetskaya Street is changing before our eyes. There are construction and road equipment works. The President asked whether all engineering networks had been replaced, stressing that repairs should be major and comprehensive in order not to return to landscaped areas for as long as possible. The contractors said that all communications are new. Plans to improve the road and sidewalks in the direction of Tiraspolskaya Street, as well as the possibility of paving the pedestrian zone along the buildings were discussed. It was noted that the facades need to be refreshed. Landscaping options were discussed. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the vegetation strip is needed not only for decoration, but also for creating shady zones.

The implementation of the program to equip schools of the republic with sports grounds continues. The plans for this summer include the improvement of the sports sector of the gymnasium number 1 in Bendery. A rubberized coating has already been laid in the school yard, football goals and basketball baskets have been installed, and running tracks have been laid. Thus, the area in front of the main entrance to the educational institution can be used both as a field for practicing team sports as part of physical education lessons, and as a venue for solemn school-wide events. The sports zone in the lower tier needs to be re-equipped. The horizontal bars installed there have become obsolete. They will be dismantled and replaced with modern ones as well as old stairs and side stones. The project includes a workout zone, a complex of outdoor exercise equipment, a jumping pit and a gazebo. The President drew attention to the need to replace the fencing of this area as well as to install benches around the perimeter of the school yard. Work on the site will begin next week.



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