Video conference of the President with the heads of state authorities and administration took place

06/26/23 12:11

Video conference of the President with the heads of state authorities and administration took place

The President held a video conference with the heads of state authorities and administration. Representatives of the senior staff of state administrations informed about the situation in the towns and regions of the republic. The situation is stable. The weather conditions last night were mentioned. The negative effects of heavy rain are rare and are promptly eliminated. The tragedy that occurred in the reporting period in Bendery was not left without attention – the death of two employees of the water utility in the workplace. The families of the victims received material assistance. An investigation is underway. The President expressed condolences to the families of the victims. Vadim Krasnoselsky gave instructions to carry out information and preventive work with the working groups of enterprises and organizations whose activities are associated with certain risks, emphasizing that familiarization with the rules of industrial safety should not take place formally. The accident that took place in Bendery is a confirmation of the importance of observing them. Another topical issue of the summer period is water safety. The beginning of this season is marked by a large number of drowned people in the Dniester. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to intensify raid control along the river, paying increased attention to places of active recreation beloved by citizens outside of well-maintained beaches. The media are encouraged to focus on this topic, warning the public about the possible tragic consequences of ignoring the rules of being on the water.

Speaking about the current work, the heads of state administrations drew attention to the shortage of mowers. This seasonal work requires a large number of workers at once. For example, 21 out of 35 staff positions are employed in Bendery. The city authorities took the path of increasing bonus payments to attract workers.

The heads of state administrations informed the President about the work of children's day camps at schools and other social institutions. Most of them complete their activities this week. The season went well. The service is in demand. About seven hundred children visited the site at the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity and five schools in Tiraspol. The "Spartak" camp which completed the first session (226 people) is also the capital's health-improving base for youth. The second one starts tomorrow. 260 young Pridnestrovians are waiting in the camp.

The PMR President was informed by the heads of state administrations about the progress in the implementation of the Capital Investment Fund 2023. The participants of the meeting discussed specific objects, scheduled thematic meetings – offsite, office and video conferences.


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