The address of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky to the residents of Pridnestrovie in connection with the prevented terrorist act

03/09/23 20:31

The address of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky to the residents of Pridnestrovie in connection with the prevented terrorist act


Dear Pridnestrovians,

I inform you that employees of the Ministry of State Security together with other law enforcement agencies of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic prevented a major terrorist attack in the city of Tiraspol in the first ten days of March this year.

This attack according to available information was authorized and prepared by the Security Service of Ukraine. All persons who have been detained and are on the wanted list are also directly related to the Security Service of Ukraine. There is a citizen of Pridnestrovie among the detainees, he is also a citizen of Moldova, previously convicted of robbery and the maintenance of brothels; recently lived on the territory of Odessa. All the rest arrived on the territory of our republic under the guise of Ukrainian refugees.

What is characteristic, what should be paid attention to – this terrorist attack was aimed directly at the elimination of officials of our republic. The location was not chosen at random. This is the intersection of one of the central streets of the city of Tiraspol, there are stores, a school, trolleybus stops nearby, and as a rule there are many people even at off-peak hours there. The method – is a car stuffed with explosives. Type of explosive – is hexogen, one of the most powerful and dangerous. This explosive device was filled with bolts, nuts, screws, wire, that is, various metal objects, which would have increased the massive damaging effect to enhance the damaging effect, of course. This suggests that the calculation was made not only on the official, but also on the mass death of people.

This group of persons carried out video surveillance, conducted appropriate reconnaissance – both of the alleged places, and specifically of the officials. Thanks to the vigilance of the state security agencies, the persons were detained directly while installing video and audio equipment for spying on officials. These persons subsequently gave a scheme of the impending crimes, spoke about their connections. A vehicle filled with hexogen – 8 kilograms with a reinforced submunition was seized in the city of Bendery. Other people have also been detained. They are all related to the Security Service of Ukraine, they are mostly citizens of Ukraine, as I said earlier.

I want to address you, dear Pridnestrovians. There are about twenty-five thousand refugees from Ukraine on the territory of our republic. About seventy-five thousand citizens of Ukraine passed through Pridnestrovie during the war. I ask you, dear Pridnestrovians: please do not see enemies in refugees, in no case. The vast majority of these people came to the peace, to live a quiet life. After all, we Pridnestrovians are open not only to citizens of Ukraine, but to anyone who comes here and wants to live normally, in peace. We provide as far as possible all refugees with work, housing in our centers, all children study in our schools – both in Ukrainian schools and Russian schools, in Ukrainian and Russian languages of study. Children attend kindergartens. We have organized free meals for these children – both in schools and kindergartens. In addition, we provide services for additional education – sports or cultural absolutely free of charge. We provide medical care for free. Everyone knows this. Everyone is grateful.

Ukrainian refugees are not our enemies - that's a fact. The fact that the Security Service of Ukraine used such an element as refugees, organized a terrorist network here with the help of so-called refugees, it makes a world of difference, it has nothing to do with refugees. Please, do not arrange a so-called witch hunt, in no case. It must be clearly understood that terrorists have no nationality. They have nothing but the desire to kill, to kill as many people as possible, regardless of nationality, whoever a refugee or not a refugee, just to kill. Those who are supposed to, the state security agencies, will precisely do this, identify those who are recruited and assisted this group of people.

Dear Pridnestrovians,

Please keep calm. We neutralized the network that was here in Pridnestrovie. Only one question remains open – the level of decision-making on the commission of this terrorist act to date. This is an open question. This terrorist act would have had a huge impact if it had been committed. I instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to prepare an appeal to all members of the UN Security Council in order to protect Pridnestrovie. There is the “5+2” format and other structures, including the OSCE, which we will also call on to sort out this situation and ensure our security.

Dear Pridnestrovians, please, keep calm. Our first responders are working – everything is in its place. Thank you.


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