The information on the Bendery state administration activities results was presented to the President by Roman Ivanchenko

02/07/23 17:36

The information on the Bendery state administration activities results was presented to the President by Roman Ivanchenko

The Head of Bendery Roman Ivanchenko reported today on the main results of the activities of the state administration. The President, heads of state authorities and local self-government bodies, parliamentarians listened to the annual report via videoconference. The speaker presented the main indicators for 2022 in the form of presentation, backing up the report with a video. The active interaction of the state administration with the population was noted. 1630 applications were received, 232 people visited specialists in person during the year. The thematic structure of the received applications is mainly social security issues (781 requests) and those related to the housing and communal services sector – 697 requests. Employees of the Bendery administration rendered 13733 services (slightly less than a year earlier). 78.8% – registry office services, 11% – city archives.

The population of Bendery is 87929 people. 462 children were born during the year, 1132 people died. 347 marriages and 210 divorces were registered. Local budget revenues amounted to 330.6 million rubles (257 million against the planned figure of 250 million its own). 60% on socially protected items out of 333.4 million spent. Roman Ivanchenko drew attention to the efficiency of procurement for municipal needs, noting savings in many areas. The Head of the city referred to the problems of employment of the population as shortcomings. 3600 residents of Bendery applied to the specialized service on the issue of employment during the year, 95 were provided with work. That is, the efficiency of activity is extremely low – 2.6% that requires a revision of approaches to organizing the work of the institution according to the Head of the city. The overall figure is lower than in 2021 in terms of industrial production. This is due to the shutdown of the Pribor plant. Although in other areas, for example, growth was recorded in light industry. 64 new business facilities were opened in the city during the year, 38 were closed. The business sector was represented by 5500 units, 719 of which were legal entities.

As part of the social support of the population, loans were issued to young families for a total of 400 thousand rubles, five apartments for orphans were purchased, material assistance was provided to citizens (687.2 thousand rubles were spent to support 597 people).

The speaker spoke about the main cultural events. 569 of them were held with audience coverage of 192000 people totally in 2022. The organization spent 243.2 thousand rubles. Roman Ivanchenko focused on the program dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Bendery tragedy. The Head of the city said that a decision was made to allocate a structural unit within the current state administration staff, whose employees will be responsible for organizing and holding cultural events. The leader shared preliminary plans for celebrating the city's anniversary. The venue for the main celebration will be the stadium of Bendery. The scenery work is in progress. The creation of costumes and scenery work continues.

The Head of the city mentioned in the course of the report that 82 immovable objects of cultural heritage are located on the territory of Bendery and adjacent villages. 10 units were included in the corresponding register in the reporting year. These are mosaics decorating Bendery buildings. Special attention is paid to their preservation and restoration. According to Roman Ivanchenko, the art college prepares specialized professionals.

An important area is education. 7488 children study in the city's schools, 3444 kids attend kindergartens. A decrease in the number of pupils was recorded in 2022 in both directions. There is a positive trend in institutions of additional education at the same time. 3.7 million rubles were allocated to improve the material and technical base of educational institutions in 2022 (a million more than in 2021). 269 thousand rubles from the local budget and 113.5 from the republican budget were allocated for the modernization of school and preschool catering facilities. The Head of the city spoke about the work carried out by a specialized group for centralized maintenance and repair of buildings and premises of the Bendery Department of Public Education. It has been operating for three years. The city administration considers the project a success. A similar group was created in 2022 in the sports sector. Almost two million rubles were allocated for sports equipment and furniture, as well as tailoring of uniforms for athletes, said the Head of the city. He did not disregard the sports achievements of residents of Bendery.

Speaking about children's recreation and health improvement, Roman Ivanchenko said that 12 summer camps were opened on the basis of educational institutions that were visited by 630 students in 2022.

The speaker focused on the progress in the housing and communal services sector. 2.9 million rubles were allocated to put the heating networks and heating systems in order in 2022. An excavator-loader was bought, a boiler house at the school in the village of Giska was reconstructed. In-house engineering networks have been updated in 145 houses since 2017 (the amount of costs is 3.6 million). 317 houses need attention. The repair of engineering networks is in the near future in 2023. 4.4 kilometers of cable lines were reconstructed in the reporting period. 10.6 million - annual investments in the field of water supply and sanitation. To date, 266 residential buildings have overhauled cold water supply and sewerage networks (costs of several years makes 3 million rubles). Two hundred more houses are in line. A quarter of them are planned to be included in the renovation plans for this year. The amount of state investments in the city's road infrastructure for the year amounted to 21.2 million rubles. The Head of the city singled out the repair of bridges and overpasses, noting that over five years 6.5 million rubles were spent on these works, another three million are planned to be allocated from the Capital Investment Fund 2023 to put in order the pedestrian bridge across the railway from the forecourt of the Bendery-I station. As for the planting of greenery in the city and environmental protection measures: 1.6 million rubles were allocated from the environmental fund for their implementation. 1809 obsolete and dangerous trees were demolished (most of them in the territories of schools and kindergartens), 2337 were planted. 7735 shrubs, 3694 herbaceous and 19643 annual plants were rooted. Increased attention was paid to clearing streams and sowing lawn grass.

Social and cultural facilities and landscaping in 2022, six apartments for orphans were repaired, work was carried out in gymnasium No. 2, kindergarten No. 14, schools No. 2 and No. 13 (total cost - 7 5 million rubles) by means of the funds of the target program for maintaining the housing stock. Capital investments from the local budget – 3.2 million rubles. 27.27 million rubles were disbursed in 2022 (over the five years of the existence of the capital investment fund, 108.35 million were allocated from the fund for Bendery facilities) according to the state capital investment program. One of the priority areas of urban improvement is the development of recreational areas – parks, walking areas, beaches, sports and gaming locations. This year's plans include the creation of Lipkansky and Khomutyanovsky public gardens at the expense of the municipality, the continuation of the improvement of the central part of the city, Lenin Street with the creation of a musical square.

The funds from the Capital Investment Fund 2023 will be allocated for further improvement of the embankment (Oktyabrsky Park), equipping the rollerdrome, and putting the facade of the correctional boarding school in order. The state program includes kindergarten No. 38, the theoretical lyceum, the stadium of the 15th school, the House of culture and rural outpatient clinic of the village of Giska, the Children's and Youth Sports Theater of the Severny microdistrict, the President recalled during the discussion of the report. He focused on the repair of the roadway along Tkachenko Street, noting that everyone is waiting for the completion of the work carried out using new technologies on this site in order to decide on the further use of this practice based on an analysis of the results.

The discussion part of the meeting touched upon the topic of financing repairs on roads that are actively used by exporting cargo carriers. It was noted that the load in the Moldovan direction has increased markedly. 90% of the cargo traffic passed through Bendery during the year. It was about the so-called transit triangle. These sections require investments commensurate with the costs of other Bendery roads with a length of only 23 kilometers (10% of the total length of Bendery roads). The President, noting the demand for and state significance of these sections, gave a number of instructions related to their re-qualification as republican, as well as limiting the tonnage of trucks and revising the conditions for using these roads. There was information that this year 13 million rubles were allocated for the repair of the roadway. The first priority is Panin Street.

The participants of the working discussion spoke about abandoned buildings, long-term construction, pits and land plots not used for their intended purpose. They mentioned the rural outpatient clinic in the village of Protyagailovka. The medical institution suspended its activities, although there is a need for it, the deputies said. The President instructed to find out the cost of repairing the building, which is now in disrepair, and to work out the issue of organizing medical care for the local population in the interim period. The organization of second-hand goods trade, the importance of social advertising (it was about banners depicting representatives of various professions), bringing small and medium-sized businesses out of the shadows, and developing Bendery as a tourist center are among the issues raised at the meeting.

The President recognized the activities of the Bendery administration as satisfactory, aiming at its continuation in close cooperation with other government structures, legislators, deputies of the local Council, and the public. Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude for the work of the Head and staff of the Bendery State Administration, as well as all services that ensure the life of the city.


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