The President was informed about the crime situation

01/09/23 10:43

The President was informed about the crime situation

The PMR Minister of Internal Affairs in the course of the working meeting under the President reported to the PMR President on the crime situation in the New Year and Christmas period. According to Vitaly Neagu, 174 militia officers were involved in ensuring law and order during 27 cultural events during the holidays. Another 80 militia officers guarded public order during the Christmas services that took place on the night of January 6-7 in all Orthodox churches in Pridnestrovie. The Head of the department said that the duty units of the internal affairs bodies received 98 statements about crimes committed, 1 of which was theft in the period from January 1 to January 8 of this year. 80 facts of violation of the law were disclosed in hot pursuit. Detection is 81%. 46 accidents were registered, in which 10 people were injured in the first week of 2023. Employees of the Main department of emergency situations went eight times to extinguish fires, 46 calls to emergency rescue teams were associated with various kinds of difficult situations for citizens. Warming centres have been opened in the republic. They were used by about three dozen people in the reporting period.

38 pieces of equipment were involved due to the change in weather conditions on the roads of the republic. Employees of communal and road services spent 637 tons of sand-salt mixture.

Vadim Krasnoselsky thanked the personnel of the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their service, noting that the holidays passed calmly in the republic. Tasks were set for the current and upcoming period, including ensuring law and order and the safety of citizens during Epiphany bathing.


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