The President held the final in the current year meeting with the heads of state authorities and administration

12/26/22 11:11

The President held the final in the current year meeting with the heads of state authorities and administration

The weekly working Monday morning begins with a video conference of the President with the heads of state authorities and administration. They reported Vadim Krasnoselsky on the situation in various spheres of the country's life, the state of affairs in the cities and regions of the republic, the fulfillment of previously set tasks, instructions, programs. This is the last meeting in 2022. The leaders will gather for a videoconference after the New Year holidays on January 9, 2023 next time if circumstances do not require an unscheduled convening of officials. The annual results of the heads of state administrations, ministries, departments, civil services will be summed up in the first quarter of next year. The current information was discussed.

Economic Development Minister Sergei Obolonik said that the situation in the energy sector remains stable. Every day the country receives 5.7 million cubic meters of gas. The population and industry are provided with energy resources.

All heads of state administrations informed about the timely and full fulfillment of social obligations: pensions, salaries, benefits for November have been paid, there are funds for December. Income plans were exceeded almost everywhere that made it possible to carry out an additional amount of work at social infrastructure facilities.

The report of the Head of the capital administration included information that more than five thousand square meters of the roadway had been concreted in Tiraspol. Increased attention was paid to sidewalks. Work in this direction will be continued next year – a corresponding program has been developed, the project is under consideration by the deputies of the City Council. The implementation if adopted will come into force in mid-January.

The Head of Bendery raised the issue of the need to install fire warning systems in social institutions. New and reconstructed facilities are put into operation only with the mandatory presence of a fire alarm. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers that a state targeted program is needed to cover the rest. Its development will allow assessing the real need, determining the amount of upcoming costs, and drawing up a schedule for implementation.

The head of the Dubossary administration said that last week the repair of the roof of another apartment building was completed. Roofing work is expected to be completed during the holiday week in three more high-rise buildings in Dubossary. The rowing base buildings roofs and the District Office of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have also been reconstructed, Ruslan Chaban said.

They talked in the course of the meeting about plans not only for the week, but also for the coming year. Proposals, projects, developments were discussed.

The New Year's theme has not gone unnoticed. The heads of state administrations spoke about the held and planned cultural events. A series of presidential Christmas trees starts in towns and districts today.


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