The President held a meeting on improving the work of check-points and speeding up customs procedures

12/15/22 13:56

The President held a meeting on improving the work of check-points and speeding up customs procedures

The PMR President held a meeting with the participation of the Head of the Presidential Administration, the PMR Government and the State Customs Committee chairmen, ministers of internal affairs and state security, and the prosecutor of the republic. The main issue is the situation with a markedly increased load on checkpoints on the border with the Republic of Moldova. The equipment of the terminals and the access roads to them were not designed for the current activity. Freight and passenger traffic there has grown significantly after the closure of the Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian sections, which until this year took on about 80% of the movements. The existing realities require an appropriate response. The instructions aimed at improving the work of checkpoints on the border with Moldova, speeding up customs procedures, minimizing the period of stay of citizens and goods at the posts were given by the President. Heads of relevant departments informed today about the progress. Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Valentin Grabko reported on the measures taken to increase the throughput of checkpoints. Shifts on duty have been increased at the busiest of them, additional workplaces have been equipped for inspectors who carry out customs clearance, and sites for carrying out control activities. A decision was made in addition on a selective approach to customs checks. The procedure for registering civilians has been simplified in the line of state security. With regard to foreign economic activity: individual entrepreneurs who move more than ten trade items across the border on a vehicle with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tons do not stop for clearance at the border crossing point, but are sent to the chosen at their discretion customs authority. These measures helped reduce tensions. The first days of the week remain loaded. This is due to the fact that Saturday and Sunday are days off for the personnel of the customs terminals of Moldova. Participants in foreign economic activity who did not have time to go through the registration procedure on weekdays stay there to wait for the start of the working period, which leads to a serious influx of cars on Monday.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the fulfillment of the instruction given by him recently, related to the simplification of the procedure for registering goods imported by individuals for the needs of business entities. The declaration procedure that was in effect earlier in the test mode status is cancelled. Amendments to the Customs Code have been sent to the President for signature. The requirement of mandatory registration of imported goods exclusively at the checkpoint is cancelled. It will now be possible to declare at the customs authorities and at the warehouses of the legal entity. The possibility of electronic, including advance, registration is provided for Pridnestrovians delegated to import products at the official request of domestic organizations. A prepared preliminary declaration corresponding to the actually imported cargo allows a representative of a conscientious participant in foreign economic activity to complete customs clearance at the enterprise's warehouse (if the legal entity has permission for safekeeping). The clearance will be carried out in the customs structures – the cargo will need to be delivered to any of the customs temporary storage warehouses if the shipping documentation was not completed before the trip or its content does not correspond to the list of imported goods (the names, quantity, cost have been changed).

Vadim Krasnoselsky thanked the officials and the staff of the departments they lead for understanding the complexity of the situation and prompt decision-making, emphasizing that it is necessary to continue to respond in a timely manner to ongoing changes.


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