The President held a meeting on the customs clearance mechanisms improving

12/01/22 12:53

The President held a meeting on the customs clearance mechanisms improving

The PMR President held a meeting with participation of the Presidential Administration leadership, the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and the State Customs Committee in the working discussion. The customs authorities functioning were discussed. They spoke about the significantly increased load on the checkpoints on the border with the Republic of Moldova after the closure of the Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian sections. It was noted that these customs points were not so actively involved earlier, and therefore they are less provided with infrastructure and equipment. It is necessary to reduce bureaucratic procedures In order to prevent the formation of queues of people crossing the border and mass gatherings of citizens, thereby minimizing the time spent by citizens at checkpoints, the President set the task. Vadim Krasnoselsky recommended in particular that the mechanism for issuing declarations by individuals importing goods for the needs of business entities be improved in accordance with the existing realities. If we are talking about large organizations that are actively involved in export-import flows and have proven themselves in foreign economic activity, then it is proposed to use such a tool as declaring goods imported by an individual officially authorized by the organization upon unloading at the warehouse of the enterprise. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that this requires control by the customs authorities. It has been noted that business entities recognized as conscientious participants in foreign economic activity value this status. The second option for registration is a customs declaration, which is prepared in advance. If the imported goods exactly correspond to the list, then the registration will take place automatically without the need for additional procedures at the checkpoint. If there are discrepancies or the electronic declaration is not prepared in advance, the individual importing goods for the organization will be required to go through the customs declaration procedure directly at the checkpoint.

Specialists of the State Customs Committee will have to work out the details of the proposed mechanism. The President urged not to delay, noting that the task of the country's leadership and customs authorities is to provide maximum assistance to economic agents that are faced with new challenges and difficulties and nevertheless continue foreign economic activity.


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