The energy system stability would be higher if Moldova didn’t seize gas from Pridnestrovie

11/23/22 18:25

The energy system stability would be higher if Moldova didn’t seize gas from Pridnestrovie

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky called Chisinau’s actions to withdraw gas from Pridnestrovie ill-considered

Tiraspol, November 23 / Novosti Pridnestrovya/ The recent power outages throughout Pridnestrovie were discussed at a meeting with PMR President. Vadim Krasnoselsky clarified with the PMR Government Deputy Chairman, the Economic Development Minister Sergey Obolonik, how the situation would have developed if Moldova hadn’t illegally seized gas from Pridnestrovie and the Moldavian HES continued to supply electricity to the neighboring country, the PMR President press service reports.

According to Sergey Obolonik, in such a case, the energy system’s stability would be significantly higher. Such consequences would have been avoided.

Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded that at every negotiation platform the Moldovan side was urged to think pragmatically and recommended taking into account the unfolding situations that are developing beyond the bounds of both Pridnestrovie and Moldova. 

“Several issues weren’t considered by Moldovan politicians. About 1.6 million cubic meters of natural gas per day were illegally seized from Pridnestrovie, which led to the industrial enterprises’ shutdown as well as the production volumes decreasing of the Moldavian HES. Moreover, Moldova recognized the fact that this gas was sent to Ukrainian gas storage facilities,” the PMR President noted.

Vadim Krasnoselsky called the Chisinau representatives’ actions ill-considered. Every one of them led to the fact that Moldova was left without a stable electricity supply. Our republic is suffering from this too, the PMR President noted.


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