The President held a meeting on the checkpoints work

11/21/22 15:01

The President held a meeting on the checkpoints work

There are cases of vehicles and citizens queues accumulation at checkpoints along the state border between Pridnestrovie and Moldova. This is due to the need for border and customs officials to conduct a more thorough check of citizens and cars within the framework of the yellow terrorist threat warning. The PMR President noted that the goal is to reduce the time for these events and create comfortable conditions for people.

Minister of State Security Valery Gebos reported to the President in the course of the meeting that during the period of the yellow terrorist threat warning, the number of identified persons who are wanted has increased by 2.5 times. Pridnestrovian border guards work in a tense mode. Every week, the state security agencies receive from one to two complaints from citizens.

The Chairman of the State Customs Committee Valentin Grabko in turn informed the PMR President about the increase in trade turnover on the border of Pridnestrovie and Moldova by 2-3 times. Duty shifts of employees of the State Customs Committee have been strengthened. It takes on average up to 5 minutes to complete a customs declaration.

The tense situation is regularly noted at the Bendery-Chisinau checkpoint. People can stand there from 40 minutes to an hour in the queue of cars, says the head of the state administration of Bendery Roman Ivanchenko. The load on the roads of the city is significantly increased. Therefore, the road infrastructure is being repaired now.

The President instructed to minimize the time for citizens to pass through checkpoints. Vadim Krasnoselsky recommended taking into account the upcoming New Year holidays. “We must create normal, civilized conditions for the movement of both our citizens and guests of the republic,” said the President. According to him, recently Pridnestrovie has become attractive for tourists. Cities are visited by citizens of other states, so they must also be provided with a special legal regime of access to our country.



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