The President held an emergency meeting of the PMR Security Council

10/20/22 18:39

The President held an emergency meeting of the PMR Security Council

The PMR President gathered members of the Security Council to discuss issues of ensuring the energy security of the country. They discussed the reduction of gas supplies to the republic (deficit for the current month is 36.9 million cubic meters of gas), the consequences of negative trends in the field of gas supply and measures to respond to the current situation. The meeting participants identified three main aspects: providing the population of Pridnestrovie with energy resources, bringing natural gas to the industrial sector of the republic and supplying it to the Moldavian GRES to generate electricity. The priority is the needs of the inhabitants of the republic. This is the position of the country's leadership. A decision in this regard was made earlier on the priority and full provision of energy resources to socially significant facilities and the population of the country. As for the industry, restrictions have been introduced in terms of the volume of natural gas use by budget-forming enterprises and smaller business entities in the current realities. These measures will reduce gas consumption by 22 million cubic meters this month. A reduction in the volume of natural gas supplies from MGRES will also reduce consumption.

The PMR Security Council in view of the negative circumstances considered it expedient to introduce a state of emergency throughout Pridnestrovie. The President signed a corresponding decree that was sent to the Supreme Council for approval. An extraordinary plenary meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, in which the President will take part. Vadim Krasnoselsky intends to answer the parliamentarians' questions in connection with the decisions taken by the Security Council members, so that the public is fully informed about the situation.


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