Vadim Krasnoselsky, “If there were no Pridnestrovian people – united, multinational, loving Motherland, we would not have succeeded”

09/02/22 10:36

Vadim Krasnoselsky, “If there were no Pridnestrovian people – united, multinational, loving Motherland, we would not have succeeded”

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky talked to journalists on the day when Pridnestrovie celebrates the main state holiday. The President noted in a conversation with representatives of the mass media: “The Republic is 32. I don't remember easy times. I said at a solemn meeting yesterday that after all, the most difficult time was the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s. These years were associated with the collapse of our united Motherland, the Soviet Union. The emergence of Pridnestrovie took place in a very difficult situation, difficult circumstances. We survived all this, built a state that lives for 32 years. Times are also not the easiest today of course: the pandemic, geopolitical catastrophe around us, which has one effect or another. However, we are talking about the peace"

Answering a question about the recent regular letter sent by the PMR President to Maia Sandu, Vadim Krasnoselsky explained: “This letter is a reminder of the need to continue the negotiation process. I will send such letters from time to time of course, reminding of the necessity. The 5+2 format does not work for objective reasons. If the “5+2” format does not work, then it is necessary to take the negotiations to another level, to the “1+1” contacts of certain officials. If Ms. Sandu proposes to meet with vice-premiers and so on, then I will decide who I should meet with. There are questions that should be discussed with the first persons of the state, with those who have carte blanche to make decisions. Of course, other people I meet are also interesting, I never refuse contacts of any level. Different officials have their own level, their own carte blanche for decision-making.

There are questions, they exist. There are issues of economy, humanitarian, freedom of movement, peace. Peace is a basic component in the region. Not only in Pridnestrovie. I'm talking about Pridnestrovie and neighboring Moldova.

We are consistent. We have been talking exclusively about peace and about maintaining peace here since the beginning of this year, since the beginning of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. There are provocateurs, there are people (if you can call them that) who want the spread of hostilities from the territory of Ukraine to neighboring states. I try to explain to everyone, and I have a large social circle, that this is unacceptable. The spread of hostilities to the territory of Pridnestrovie and the territory of Moldova will entail the involvement of other participants in this conflict, and this will already be akin to a world war.

We are a small Pridnestrovie, but it is impossible to detonate the small Pridnestrovie, it is unacceptable. Therefore, we have prepared a corresponding appeal and sent it to all participants in the 5+2 format. Let’s sign this document then, if everyone is talking about peace. Now this letter is being studied. The most important thing is that everyone is for peace, and we must preserve this peace and tame the provocateurs that escalate the situation in Pridnestrovie and abroad.

I think that many books, analytical works will be written on the history of Pridnestrovie, a lot of dissertations will be defended on how to survive in extreme conditions, in conditions of crises, changing eras, the collapse of states - to survive and win. If there were no Pridnestrovian people – united, multinational, loving Motherland, we would not have succeeded,” Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed confidence. The President congratulated journalists and all Pridnestrovians on the holiday, wishing everyone health and prosperity, and peace to Pridnestrovie.


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