Solemn ceremony of presenting state awards

09/01/22 16:31

Solemn ceremony of presenting state awards

The most worthy citizens are traditionally honored in Pridnestrovie on the eve of the Republic Day. The ceremony of presenting state awards in honor of the 32nd anniversary of the founding of the PMR was held in the Small Hall of the Palace of the Republic. The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky addressed the participants.

“Pridnestrovie has been living for 32 years. The term is quite considerable. On the other hand, time has passed like one day. Nevertheless, we, Pridnestrovians, had to go through, see, comprehend many events. It is very difficult to live in conditions of non-recognition for 32 years, of course. The Russian Federation is facing sanctions, a blockade, and experiencing what we have been experiencing for 32 years today. We survived the war, the formation of statehood, the blockade of the economy, the pandemic, geopolitical cataclysms that are still raging around us. The Pridnestrovian people exist in these conditions. I'll give my opinion why. It is wrong to say that the Pridnestrovian people were created by the Pridnestrovian state. The history of the Pridnestrovian people is actually centuries-old. The main contribution to the formation of the Pridnestrovian identity was made by Catherine II the Great.

Please note that the time of formation of our cities, regions, villages is the end of the 18th century including the city of Tiraspol (1792). It was then that Catherine the Great, mastering these lands, began to populate. Who to inhabit? Bulgarians – the village of Parkany, those who left the Ottoman Porte, trying to survive. Catherine gave them land here, the will and the right to live on this land. The same situation is in Grigoriopol district. Villages, for example, Malaesti: the date of formation - October 14, 1792 – is the same as that of Tiraspol.

Moldovans left Bessarabia, moved to the left bank of the Dniester, also leaving the Ottoman Porte, under the pressure of which they had no rights, only duties. They received land and freedom here. The same can be said about the Jews, the Poles, the Germans, the Russians, the Little Russians, the Ukrainians... This is how it really happened. It was then that the ethnic composition, the identity of the Pridnestrovian people, which exist to this day, was laid. Wars, depressions, coups, the collapse of the Empire and the Soviet Union have not destroyed the Pridnestrovian people. This is a fact. Catherine the Great, when creating this region, did not count on interethnic strife, of course. It invited all peoples to live in one family on the contrary. What was laid down by it still lives in Pridnestrovie, where there are no interethnic conflicts and cannot be, because the Pridnestrovian multinational people live here with their own identity. What's going on around? Someone gave the right to encroach on cultural values, language, history, habitual way of life of people living compactly on their territory. It was with regard to us in the late 80s and early 90s, when a wave of nationalism from Moldova tried to overwhelm us.

We are the Pridnestrovian people. I already spoke about our Suvorov Square: on the right the history of the Russian Empire, the city of Tiraspol, on the left – the history of the Soviet Union and modern Pridnestrovie, monuments to Suvorov, Catherine, an arch, and between them – a pattern made of tiles. Remember how many questions there were. Why? Let's leave the asphalt... We got used to it... This design had its own essence, a special meaning. This pattern symbolizes our people.

The time of the Russian Empire, the time of the Soviet Union, the time of modern Pridnestrovie, which is now going on and will go on... Times change, but the people remain. This is a reflection of our people, and there would be no statehood without the people.

Representatives of the Pridnestrovian people are in this hall - those who protect them, those who teach, heal, work in the real sector of the economy, representatives of all branches of government. This is our Pridnestrovian people. It is important. I am glad, I have the opportunity to thank you for your feat of arms, for your labor feat. No matter how difficult it is for us, it is absolutely objective, we do not sit idly by and do not look for excuses and reasons for idleness. We will develop further: repair schools, hospitals, build parks, sports grounds, leisure centers. We will improve the life of Pridnestrovians and, of course, maintain peace in our land”, the President emphasized.

Orders and documents on conferring military special and honorary titles were presented to 83 Pridnestrovians in a solemn atmosphere – public figures, military personnel, law enforcement officers, farmers, teachers, doctors, artists, cultural workers and social security workers.


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