The President visited the Garant-agro agricultural company

07/27/22 15:07

The President visited the Garant-agro agricultural company

Garant-agro is one of the large Grigoriopol agricultural firms. The company conducts combined agricultural activities. This subsidiary of the meat-packing plant of Bendery is engaged in crop and livestock production at the same time. Such an integrated approach makes it possible to independently provide a feed base for the pig-breeding complex that sold over 475 tons of pork in live weight last year. The President visited the farm today. He communicated with the management of the agricultural enterprise. The Head of the agricultural company Alexey Sokir said that meat production is gaining momentum. The plant-growing unit of the enterprise is also developing. The lands occupy 1086.3 hectares, mostly it is arable. There is a peach orchard (5 ha). More than 700 hectares are irrigated. Aleksey Sokir noted that it was possible to almost double the yield in irrigated plots. The presence of land reclamation made it possible to introduce corn into the crop rotation. 330 hectares have been sown for this year's harvest. There are 373 hectares of sunflower in addition, 280 hectares of wheat, 54 hectares of barley, 28 hectares of alfalfa and 16 hectares of triticale on the fields of Garant-agro. Land reclamation was actively developed here in 2018. We restored the idle water station on our own. They continue to expand the irrigation system at the expense of credit resources.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the harvesting campaign. Grains of the first group have been completely removed from the fields of Garant-Agro. The yield of winter wheat is 40.6 centners per hectare, winter barley – 54.3 centners per hectare. It is noted that this is one of the highest figures of the current year. The average for the Grigoriopol district is 34.4 c/ha of wheat and 34.7 c/ha of barley (we are talking about winter crops). The region has harvested 75475,4 tons of grain and leguminous crops to date in general. Controlled irrigation made it possible to preserve the harvest even in the difficult climatic conditions of this year and ensure a decent harvest, the interlocutors stated, noting that the reclamation complex of the republic needs to be further developed, thereby minimizing dependence on the mood of nature. There is such a possibility. Joint work in this direction of the state and farmers is bearing fruit. The area of ​​irrigated land in the republic as a whole has more than tripled in recent years.

As for animal husbandry, the livestock of Garant-agro is maintained at the level of 2800 units, approximately 5000 are sold per year. There are plans for further development. A project is ready to convert old cowsheds into modern pigsties. The population will be doubled in the future.


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