Meeting of the Operational Headquarters on the COVID situation in Pridnestrovie

07/18/22 10:59

Meeting of the Operational Headquarters on the COVID situation in Pridnestrovie

The President held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters for Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19. The heads of state authorities and administration, as well as chief physicians of the leading medical institutions of the republic were traditionally invited to discuss the current situation and prospects for its development. They talked about the coronavirus and other aspects related to the activities of the Ministry of Health.

According to the information voiced by the head of the Operational Headquarters Vitaly Neagu, 326 Pridnestrovians are carriers of COVID-19 at the moment. 106 of them are being treated in specialized hospitals. A coronavirus hospital is operating on the basis of the Slobodzeya hospital to date, 90 patients are being treated there. Some of the patients were placed in hospitals of specialized departments of district hospitals: eight in Dubossary, five in Rybnitsa and three in Kamenka. Five carriers of the virus are severely enduring the coronavirus, two are patients in intensive care units. 220 Pridnestrovians are being treated at home. Eight such patients required hospitalization between 11 and 17 July. There are 11 children among those suffering from COVID-19 (three minors were treated last week).

2523 biomaterial samples of citizens suspected of having an infection were examined during the week (520558 during the entire time of the pandemic). The fact of the disease in the reporting period was confirmed in 308 cases. Average daily incidence – is 44 (29 a week earlier). The increase in the average daily incidence is observed for the third week in a row. 114255 cases of COVID-19 infection were recorded in Pridnestrovie during the coronavirus pandemic in total. 2209 carriers of the virus, less than 2% of those who fell ill died during the pandemic in Pridnestrovie (no deaths were recorded during the week), 111720 people – 98% of those infected – recovered from the disease (during the reporting week, 196 recovered). Six groups of preschool educational institutions are closed for quarantine at the moment. The ambulance service is operating normally. The number of applications increased by 10%, this is an indicator within the average statistical norm.

144542 people were vaccinated against COVID-19 in the republic in total, or 31% of all Pridnestrovians. The PMR President instructed to intensify work to involve the population of the republic in anti-coronavirus immunization.

The head infectious diseases hospital in Slobodzeya is currently 93% full: 108 out of 115 beds are occupied. The institution will increase the number of beds to 300 beds in the event of a sharp increase in the incidence. The chief doctors reported on their readiness to deploy coronavirus hospitals based on other medical institutions of the republic if necessary. The sanitary and epidemic station predicts an increase in the number of carriers of the virus up to 220 detected cases per day. The President asked about the availability of medicines, individual protection means and tests. According to the Ministry of Health, everything is in stock, a reserve has been formed. Medical oxygen is in abundance. The Moldavian Metallurgical Plant has reserved 155 tons, the daily output is 4 tons (the maximum possible is 6 tons per day). At the same time, the supply to third parties amounted to 28 tons in June. In addition, two more organizations produce oxygen. The healthcare system is provided with oxygen for 29 days even at the maximum consumption level.

Members of the Operational Headquarters decided to introduce a mask regime in the republic as a preventive measure designed to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the omicron variety of which is highly volatile. These personal protective equipment are required to be worn indoors and on public transport.

Vadim Krasnoselsky informed the meeting participants in the course of the discussion of other aspects related to the functioning of the healthcare system that the chief physician of the Republican Clinical Hospital Igor Tostanovskiy was appointed Presidential Adviser. The Head of the Republican Clinical Hospital, an experienced medical practitioner and administrator, will oversee the medical direction, ensuring effective interaction between public authorities and healthcare institutions. Another issue raised during the working discussion was the name of the medical college. A decision was made recently to merge the Tiraspol and Bendery medical educational institutions. The option of naming the united educational institution after the native of the Pridnestrovian land, the famous doctor and scientist Nikolai Sklifosovsky was considered. They came to the conclusion after the discussion that it is expedient to keep the college named after Lev Tarasevich, which the Tiraspol educational institution has had since 1968. The President considers it right to name one of the medical institutions of the republic after Sklifosovsky. Perhaps it will be the Republican Clinical Hospital or the Republican Emergency Medical Center.


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