The PMR President held a meeting on the situation with the spread of coronavirus

07/11/22 14:42

The PMR President held a meeting on the situation with the spread of coronavirus

The decrease in the incidence rate among the inhabitants of Pridnestrovie made it possible at one time to lift quarantine restrictions and minimize the hospital bed fund. The epidemiological situation did not even require holding meetings on a systematic basis with the participation of the President of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. Vadim Krasnoselsky, conducting a meeting on this issue today said that the current situation is not critical, but the dynamics are alarming. The Head of the Presidential Administration of the PMR Sergey Belous, Head of the Operational Headquarters Vitaly Neagu, Minister of Health Kristina Albul, her deputy Svetlana Dolganova, Head Physician of the Republican Clinical Hospital Igor Tostanovskiy were invited to the working discussion.

The meeting participants spoke about the situation in the world, noting a sharp increase in the number of cases in many European countries. The dynamics is observed in neighboring Moldova. The practice of past coronavirus waves demonstrated the Europe-Moldova-Pridnestrovie chain. Doctors state an increase in the number of sick Pridnestrovians. The week growth was 30%. The average daily incidence now is 29 detected cases per day, a week earlier – 12. There are children among the sick. Three minors are ill to date. 214 carriers of the virus have been registered in the republic in total. 132 are being treated at home. 82 are patients of COVID hospitals (69 patients in the Slobodzeya hospital, nine in the infectious diseases department of the Dubossary hospital, two each in the Rybnitsa and Kamenka Central District Hospitals). 1916 samples of biomaterial were investigated during the week, the fact of the disease was confirmed in 204 cases. The practice of monitoring the condition of outpatients continues. Medical teams went to the homes of COVID patients 13 times during the week. Citizens needed hospitalization in four cases, said Vitaly Neagu. He said that vaccination coverage of the population remained at the same level - 31.1% (144,539 people were vaccinated).

Kristina Albul informed about the provision of the healthcare system with medicines necessary for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Antiviral medicines are available for 6000-10000 patients (depending on the severity of the disease), there are medicines for the prevention of post-coronavirus complications, personal protective equipment and antigen tests are in abundance. The Minister of Health noted that the formed reserve will last for several months with the existing dynamics. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to control the supply of medical oxygen.

The epidemiological situation is under presidential control. Any changes are recorded. If the situation worsens, appropriate decisions will be made.


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