Bendery is the place where life is valued

06/19/22 12:21

Bendery is the place where life is valued

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The 19th of June is a sad day. But there is a tradition that gives hope for a bright future and faith that Pridnestrovie will live. Every year on the Day of the Bendery Tragedy, the President's wife Svetlana Krasnoselskaya visits the Mother and Child Center in Bendery to congratulate the young mothers who gave birth to the youngest Bendery residents.

Flowers and gifts for several years now have been given to women in labor, whose babies were born not only on June 19, but also on the eve. There are mothers not only from Bendery, but also from nearby settlements. The guest who arrived on an honorary mission with patients and employees of the medical institution in the course of today's communication recalled that there were about eighty expectant mothers and women in labor in the Bendery maternity hospital at the time of the arrival of Moldovan special police officers in the city in the difficult and fateful year of 1992. An important historical fact: among the patients of the medical institution that was on the line of fire were residents of Moldovan villages located in the neighborhood of Bendery. They saved everyone without asking for registration or citizenship. The employees of the maternity hospital saved many lives then – women and their children. The building of the maternity hospital was also saved.

Three children of the Krasnoselskys were born in the maternity hospital of Bendery one time, so staying within these walls and the opportunity to congratulate happy mothers is especially exciting, Svetlana Krasnoselskaya shared. She congratulated the happy mothers and expressed her gratitude to the medical staff, calling their work heroic.

Certificates and flowers were presented to 13 families by the time of the visit of Svetlana Krasnoselskaya to the medical institution. Mothers of all babies who choose June 19, 2022 as their birthday will also receive gifts before the end of the day.


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