The President held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters, created in connection with the situation in Ukraine

04/04/22 11:54

The President held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters, created in connection with the situation in Ukraine

The PMR President was informed that over the past week 1075 foreign citizens entered Pridnestrovie, 168 of whom declared that they were transiting through the republic, assuming a stay in the country for no more than 12 hours. 907 people were registered for temporary residence. 21144 foreigners in total out of 27339 who entered the territory of the PMR have taken advantage of this opportunity since February 24.

Seven centers for temporary stay of foreigners established in Pridnestrovie currently accommodate 400 people – 243 adults and 157 children. These facilities are able to receive almost the same number of citizens (the current load is 56%). If necessary, 16 more centers are ready to deploy in the republic, the total bed capacity of which is about 2.3 thousand beds.

Applications continued to be received for the admission of children who arrived from Ukraine to Pridnestrovian educational institutions during the vacation period. 575 Ukrainian schoolchildren started studying after the break today. 419 chose educational institutions with the Russian language of instruction, 155 entered the schools of the republic, where the learning process is organized in Ukrainian, one foreign student preferred the Moldovan school. Kindergartens are attended by more than three hundred Ukrainian preschool children. Five children who came from Ukraine study on the basis of specialized correctional institutions. Three dozen institutions of additional education, including those of a sports orientation and an artistic and aesthetic profile, have already accepted about two hundred foreign students. 174 teachers-educators are involved in work with them on a volunteer basis.

Three citizens who came from abroad are currently in a coronavirus hospital. they were diagnosed with COVID-19 during the mandatory testing procedure, carried out free of charge when foreigners are admitted to temporary residence centers. Treatment is carried out at the expense of the Pridnestrovian budget.

Members of the Operational Headquarters discussed current issues related to the organization of temporary stay in the republic of foreign citizens in need of support, as well as aspects related to ensuring law and order and security, including food security. The situation in the republic is stable and controllable, participants of the meeting noted.


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