Working discussion with members of the Operational Headquarters

03/28/22 11:40

Working discussion with members of the Operational Headquarters

It was noted in the course of the meeting of the responsible for resolving issues related to preventing the spread of coronavirus Operational Headquarters, that there has been a decrease in the incidence for the seventh consecutive week. The management of the ambulance service reported that the number of calls to medical teams has noticeably decreased. The indicator was reduced by 10% during the week. There were 10% fewer patients with high temperature registered. In general, the level of ambulance workload has returned to pre-pandemic levels, it was stated at the meeting.

Considering that the specialized infectious diseases hospitals created on the basis of various medical institutions during the coronavirus pandemic are half loaded at the moment (less than three hundred patients are being treated), the decision was made to further reduce the number of beds and the hospital network. Today, there are five COVID hospitals in Pridnestrovie - in Slobodzeya, Bendery, Dubossary, Rybnitsa, and Kamenka. The infectious diseases hospital as such has been closed in the Republican Clinical Hospital, but six isolated beds for carriers of coronavirus infection have been preserved in the intensive care unit. Three of them are currently occupied. Infectious diseases departments are reserved for COVID hospitals in the Dubossary, Rybnitsa and Kamenka hospitals. The rest work is in standard mode.

Members of the Operational Headquarters discussed the possibility of further easing quarantine restrictions. A decision on this matter will be made in a week: the proposals will be prepared for the next meeting of the headquarters. The mask regime must be maintained in a mandatory manner, the President considers. Members of the Operational Headquarters are sure that the use of this personal protective equipment has become the norm in modern society and will be useful for preventing the spread of various kinds of infections, including seasonal viral diseases, even after the coronavirus pandemic would be a thing of the past. It was noted that the practice of conducting control measures aimed at identifying violations of the mask regime continues. 68 administrative protocols were drawn up last week.

The meeting participants told about vaccination. 37.5% of the adult population of the republic was vaccinated against coronavirus as a preventive measure. The Ministry of Health proposes to provide at the legislative level the provision of citizens who have completed a full course of vaccination with an additional day off with pay. A draft resolution has been prepared.


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