Ukraine withdraw military observers from the Joint Peacekeeping Forces

03/17/22 16:54

Ukraine withdraw military observers from the Joint Peacekeeping Forces

The Joint Control Commission was officially notified about this by the Ukrainian Ambassador to Moldova

Bendery, March 17/ Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Today, at the Joint Control Commission meeting, the official address of the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova Marko Shevchenko was announced. As follows from this document, by the Ukrainian President’s decree, a group of military observers temporarily stops the work in the Joint Peacekeeping Forces and returns to Ukraine.

The document also emphasizes that the suspension of military observers’ activities cannot be interpreted as Ukraine’s participation termination in the Joint Peacekeeping Forces in the Security Zone and other the Pridnestrovian settlement mechanisms.

It should be reminded, that the peacekeeping mission in Pridnestrovie is implemented based on the Agreement on the Principles of Armed Conflict Peaceful Settlement signed on July 21, 1992. Peace maintenance is implemented by the Russian, Pridnestrovian and Moldovan military contingents. Since the year 1998, under agreements signed in Odesa, Ukraine military observers have joined them. The peacekeeping operation overall management is carried out by the Joint Control Commission. According to experts, the peacekeeping mission in Pridnestrovie is the most successful and efficient operation of such a kind in the post-Soviet area.


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