The decision to remove some of the quarantine restrictions was made

02/18/22 11:29

The decision to remove some of the quarantine restrictions was made

The President held an interim meeting with members of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. The sanitary and epidemiological situation was discussed. They decided to remove some of the quarantine restrictions introduced to control the spread of coronavirus based on statistical data confirming a gradual decrease in the incidence, and the opinion of experts, including the chief sanitary doctor and the Minister of Health.

From Monday, the 21st of February, all institutions of additional education and sports (including swimming pools, gyms and fitness clubs), theaters and cinemas of the republic, as well as business entities that have suspended their activities since January 31, will resume their work subject to strict observance of sanitary and epidemiological requirements, except for nightclubs and karaoke clubs. Catering establishments are returning to work in a standard mode, but with strict observance of quarantine requirements - disinfection, mask mode, distancing. The conditions for holding entertainment, leisure and other public events are similar.

There are no changes in the educational sphere. Schoolchildren continue to study remotely. Preparatory courses for future first-graders (the so-called baby schools) are still closed.

The operational headquarters constantly monitors the situation, reacting to its changes. New decisions will be made based on the emerging sanitary and epidemiological situation. The next expanded meeting under the President will be held on Monday according to the schedule.


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