Vadim Krasnoselsky heard a report on the results of the activities of Slobodzeya state administration

02/09/22 16:56

Vadim Krasnoselsky heard a report on the results of the activities of Slobodzeya state administration

The meeting dedicated to summing up the results of the work of the State Administration of Slobodzeya and Slobodzeya district was held in the usual videoconference mode, Vasily Tishchenko reported. The information was heard and discussed by the President, heads of state authorities and administration, deputies.

The Head of the Slobodzeya administration said that the district has been able to ensure that the planned indicators of the revenue part of the budget are exceeded over the past five years. The local treasury received 142.3 million rubles in the reporting year 2021, which is 13 million more than planned. At the same time, the Head stated the shortfall in funds to the environmental fund and income from entrepreneurial activities. The district is still supported by the state treasury: transfers have been received to cover social obligations (44.7 million) and subsidies for the development of the road industry (27.2 million). The expenses of the district amounted to 216 million rubles. Almost 158 ​​million (73%) of these were directed to finance social items, including 145.7 million - salaries of public sector employees.

Vasily Tishchenko informed about preferential loans issued during the year: recipients – 2 peasant farms, two young families and three young professionals. 10 residential premises for orphans were purchased (three houses and seven apartments) for a total of 1.8 million rubles. Two apartments in which representatives of this category of citizens live have been overhauled. Three people on the waiting list were given rooms in dormitories for temporary use. 15 residents of Slobodzeya received funds from the municipal budget to pay for rented housing. The speaker noted that 357 orphans aged 16 to 35 are on the waiting list for housing today. 232 people were registered as those in need of better housing conditions. 21 citizens were removed from the register last year.

33.4 million rubles were allocated to finance programs for the repair and construction of social and cultural facilities and housing and communal services, the improvement and landscaping of settlements. Almost half of this amount comes from the Capital Investment Fund. The speaker emphasized that, according to his calculations, more than 100 million rubles have been invested in the improvement of the district's settlements over five years. The head of the district spoke about the institutions of a social profile, the infrastructure of which was put in order last year. Among them there are schools, kindergartens, museums, houses of culture, sports facilities, strongholds of the regional department of internal affairs.

Speaking about landscaping activities, Vasily Tishchenko noted that almost 4.5 thousand seedlings and 75 kg of lawn grass seeds were purchased last year. More than a thousand seedlings were rooted in the course of a district-wide planting campaign. 815 dry trees have been eliminated.

Work was carried out to bring rural solid waste landfills into proper shape, eliminate unauthorized dumps, and build a solid waste landfill in Chobruchi.

The road fund of the district in 2021 is 27.4 million rubles. The pavement of the Tiraspol-Kamenka and Brest-Chisinau-Odessa sections of the road has been repaired. The gravel surface of the Speya-Bychok-Parkany and Tiraspol-Kamenka (Ternovka) roads (these are routes for heavy vehicles) have also been updated. 1.5 thousand square meters of sidewalks have been put in order. One and a half hundred road signs have been installed. 104 km of roads were marked. Almost 10 million rubles were allocated for the current repair of roads. Street lighting coverage was increased by 34.5 kilometers during the year. 686 lamps were installed. Provision of settlements of the region with artificial lighting is currently 36%. Four parking lots were improved in the reporting period. Work was carried out on paving the territories adjacent to educational institutions.

Vasily Tishchenko among the leisure infrastructure facilities singled out the Newlyweds Park, which was put into operation in the reporting year.

The speaker focused on agriculture. He reminded that 66106 hectares of agricultural land are under the jurisdiction of the district. 677 enterprises of the agro-industrial complex have been registered. 38.3 thousand hectares of grain and leguminous crops were sown in 2021, 183.5 thousand tons of grain were harvested. 24.5 thousand tons of vegetables have been harvested from 1378 hectares of land. The Head of the district did not disregard the fact that frosts in spring destroyed the ovaries of perennial plantings. Vasily Tishchenko spoke about the state of affairs in animal husbandry. He spoke about the importance of irrigation systems.

Vasily Tishchenko devoted part of his report to achievements in the educational, cultural and sports fields.

Clarifying questions were asked to the Head of the regional state administration in the discussion part of the meeting, proposals were voiced. They talked about the further improvement of roads, indicating the most problematic directions and areas, planting trees, supporting the handball school and creating appropriate infrastructure, reconstructing the city stadium and summer cinema, the need to repair rural houses of culture, in particular Kitskany as well as healthcare. The state of the district clinic, requiring major repairs was mentioned. Inclusion to the Capital Investment Fund 2022 program was noted. Relevant amendments are being prepared. So far, only part of the required amount will be allocated. The President emphasized that it is necessary to start with the repair of the roof and the replacement of windows. They paid attention to the unfinished building that was idle in the center of the village of Kitskany. Various options for its possible use were discussed. One of the proposals is a cooperative apartment building.

In general, the deputies noted the good level and effectiveness of interaction with the state administration. Chairman of the PMR Government Alexander Martynov for his part noted the activity and at the same time the executive discipline of the Slobodzeya state administration in general and Vasily Tishchenko personally.

Vadim Krasnoselsky after listening to the report of the Head and the speeches of the participants of the reporting meeting, outlined his vision on a number of issues. Speaking for example about the park named after Rodin in Chobruchi, the President drew attention to the necessity of eliminating dead wood and enrich landscaping with coniferous plantations. The plans for the reconstruction and improvement of the Kitskany bridgehead were discussed. The further development of the park in Pervomaisk with the construction of a temple on its territory (at the request of local residents) is under presidential control. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to equip the renovated rural outpatient clinic in Pervomaisk with physiotherapy equipment. This is also a request from the residents of the village. Speaking about the agriculture of the Slobodzeya district, Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on the control of land use.

The PMR President is satisfied in general with the work of the State Administration of Slobodzeya district and the city of Slobodzeya. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the results obtained are the fruit of joint work, and directed all the participants of the meeting to further fruitful interaction.



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