The President held a working meeting with the PMR Internal Affairs Minister

02/09/22 11:38

The President held a working meeting with the PMR Internal Affairs Minister

Meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs was held at the presidential executive office. The issues related to the activities of the department and the implementation of its main function – ensuring law and order in the republic were discussed. The plan of events for 2022 has been prepared taking into consideration the conclusions drawn on the basis of analysis of the results of the work of law enforcement agencies in 2021. Vitaly Neagu noted that current adjustments are made to the service process if necessary.

Among the issues that required a more detailed discussion is the functioning of the Safe City system. We are talking about the centralized installation of outdoor video surveillance cameras in places of mass visits as well as where there is a high risk of committing illegal acts. The Safe City system has become an integral part of the mechanism for ensuring public safety over the five years of its existence. Half of the crimes are solved with the help of this resource according to the minister. There was an almost halving of the number of such violations as driving through a prohibiting traffic light and driving into the oncoming lane in places where cameras were installed. Vitaly Neagu stated that model of behavior of citizens in relation to state and municipal property, objects of the urban environment is changing in the video cameras zone. The financial component was noted: violators of traffic rules identified using the Safe City system were paid to the budget in the form of fines of 17.5 million rubles in 2016-2021.

The President considers this system an effective tool, the use of which should be continued. The system needs to be improved at the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. It is important not only to increase coverage, but to improve the quality and ensure uninterrupted recording, storage and transmission of video information, the PMR President considers. There is a dependence on the quality of the signal when connecting wirelessly to the Internet (Wi-Fi) now. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that it is necessary to use a fiber-optic information transmission system, to get away from this problem. In addition, the President drew attention to the request of the heads of state administrations: to provide newly created leisure zones with video cameras. It is necessary to ensure the safety of infrastructure, among other things.



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