Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the "Tashlyk" head pumping station

10/13/21 12:51

Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the "Tashlyk" head pumping station

The irrigation system covered 62 thousand hectares of farmland in Soviet times on the territory of present-day Pridnestrovie, in the 2000s - only 8000 hectares. It is planned to reach the figure of 30000 hectares by the end of this year. At the same time, the republic is coping with this task with its own forces and means. Land users and the state are jointly increasing the area of ​​irrigated farmland. Local industry was also involved in the project. Vadim Krasnoselsky recommended the Tiraspol plant "Electromash" to undertake the manufacture and installation of equipment necessary for the functioning of pumping stations. The mission was accomplished.

A significant contribution to the development of the PMR melioration system is made by an enterprise located in the Grigoriopol region - the "Tashlyk" head pumping station. Eight pumps have been installed here, a water intake unit of two wells has been thought out. All this was done in the last century: the first stage of the station's construction was attributed to the mid-70s, the second - to the 80s. Naturally, the system was worn out. Thanks to the equipment manufactured at the Elektromash plant, the station is being re-equipped. The work was organized in two stages so as not to suspend the operation of the station.

The capacity of the functioning units is sufficient to meet the existing demand for irrigation. There are almost seven thousand hectares of land in the irrigation zone of the head pumping station "Tashlyk", the possibility of coverage is 15-17 thousand hectares. The services of the station are already used by ZAO Tiraspol bakery plant (2,432 hectares), Agricol (1357 hectares), Grigoriopol bakery plant (1,041 hectares), Minerul (670 hectares), said the Head of the enterprise Ivan Botya to the President.

Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the restoration of the reclamation complex of Pridnestrovie is an example of the fact that with a consolidated approach to solving common problems, a clear definition of the goal, a thoughtful distribution of functions and the right choice of tools, any problem can be solved.


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