The preschool children – new settlers in Dubossary

09/17/21 12:51

The preschool children – new settlers in Dubossary

The President was in Dubossary. Several socially significant objects were commissioned there today. They were built, repaired, equipped with funds from the Capital Investment Fund. The PMR President pays special attention to the implementation of the state capital investment fund program. Improving the state of social infrastructure is one of the priority directions of the internal policy of today's Pridnestrovie. Vadim Krasnoselsky keeps the execution of the program under constant control. The list of objects annually included in it is formed with the direct participation of the President, who relies on the opinion of local residents when making a final decision. The President usually personally visits the site to assess the situation. Inspection visits of the President to repair and construction sites are also systemic. More than once Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the Dubossary kindergarten "Little Red Riding Hood", observing the gradual transformation of the institution. He arrived today to participate in a festive event marking the start of the new school year and the completion of a major renovation. The pupils have prepared a creative program on this matter. Employees and parents thanked for creating comfort and coziness for preschoolers and the team.

There was not major repair in the preschool institution opened in 1975. The city, with its own resources and resources, began work, which could not be delayed. But their volume was beyond the capacity of the local budget. The kindergarten was included in the Capital Investment Fund program. Financing of certain spheres through municipal target programs was continued in parallel. As a result, the roof, window blocks, utilities were replaced, the catering unit was repaired and equipped, all children's hygiene rooms were updated, the facade was put in order. The flooring was replaced in the sports and music halls. The institution was restored the hot water supply system. The courtyard of the kindergarten was paved with paving slabs. New pavilions have been built on the playgrounds, and shady canopies have been installed.

Examining the premises, Vadim Krasnoselsky asked if there was still a need to update some of the elements. The President was told that the purchase of a kitchen hood is planned for next year. Vadim Krasnoselsky, having clarified some of the details, ordered to urgently investigate the reasons for the ineffective functioning of the ventilation system of the kindergarten and eliminate the malfunctions. The technical equipment of the laundry caused some questions. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to an outdated large-sized washing machine. Two modern compact automatic washing machines will be purchased for "Red Riding Hood" in the near future on presidential instructions. All these are working moments. As for the gift for the holiday, the pupils received a certificate for sports equipment from the President. This equipment is very important for children, especially considering that "Little Red Riding Hood" is a compensatory kindergarten, which provides qualified assistance in correcting deviations in the physical and mental development of preschoolers. Sports activities are an important component of comprehensive educational and educational work, the employees noted during the meeting.

The institution employs 26 teachers in total. There are nine speech therapy groups. This is the only preschool institution in the Dubossary district, where they help to overcome difficulties in the speech development of children. Today 136 preschool children attend the kindergarten. The participants of the festive event expressed confidence that after the transformation, there will be much more people wishing to get into this preschool institution.


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