PMR President: Pridnestrovie is still threatened by Moldova

06/19/21 12:17

PMR President: Pridnestrovie is still threatened by Moldova

Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded that it was the Russian peacekeepers, who ended the war in 1992 and for 30 years have kept the peace
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Bendery, June 19. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Russian peacekeepers are proving their appropriateness and necessity for the presence on Pridnestrovian territory: the Moldovan authorities haven’t yet made a legal assessment of the Bendery’s invasion, but threats against Pridnestrovians are still directed from Chisinau. This was stated by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky in an interview with journalists during a range of commemorative events on the Memorial day of the Bendery tragedy victims.

The head of state reminded that in June of the year of 1992, when the Moldovan Parliament adopted a resolution on the conflict peaceful settlement with Pridnestrovie, a decision to invade Bendery town had already been made in Chisinau.

“Bendery was unblocked, but three days later, on June 19 an open and defenseless town was invaded. Furthermore, the paramilitary forces didn’t content with town seizing, they also destroyed it, both civilians and material values. I begin to realize that it was a complicity between parliamentarians, then-president and other civil servants, who saw nothing but the war and blood in Pridnestrovie,” the PMR President emphasized.

“This wasn’t just a war, it was a wholesale deception as well as hypocrisy and meanness,” Vadim Krasnoselsky said.

According to the PMR President, events of 1992 require awareness and repentance from Moldovan authorities. In the meantime, no such attempts have been made. Moreover, war criminals in Moldova are considered heroes and continue to threaten Pridnestrovie, the Head of state noted.

“You remember when Pridnestrovians were promised to cut off heads and then throw their bodies on the Parliament stairs last year. Probably, it was stated by one insane person, but where is a legal assessment of such statements? Moldova’s actions deny their readiness to repent. Presently, it’s convenient for some Moldovan as well as Western politicians to declare that events of 1992 are already an ancient history. Until the day comes when there are legal consequences, assessment and punishment of the massacre perpetrators, this’s still far from being a history for us,” the Head of state emphasized.

Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded that it was Russian peacekeepers, who ended the bloodshed in Bendery town.

“It was the Russian peacekeepers who ended the war. Even nowadays they’re proving their appropriateness as well as necessity for the presence on our land, considering a legal assessment, the presence of those statements that are still directed from Moldova’s side. For Pridnestrovians everything is clear: we are for peace, and thus for peacekeepers,” the President noted.


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