The President held a meeting on budget parameters adjustment

05/27/21 12:10

The President held a meeting on budget parameters adjustment

Vadim Krasnoselsky initiated a meeting with participation of the leadership of the Government, the Supreme Council and the Heads of State Administrations of towns and districts of the republic. The working discussion is organized in a combined format: some of the interlocutors are present in the Administration of the PMR President, others have joined the conversation remotely - via videoconference. The main issue is the introduction of adjustments due to the need to balance income and expenses as much as possible, taking into account changing realities, into budget items.

Vadim Krasnoselsky before starting to discuss the government's proposals expressed gratitude to the representatives of the legislative and executive branches of Government for supporting socially significant initiatives related to extending the period of payment of child benefits for six months, increasing salaries for public sector employees and the level of pension benefits. At the same time, the President drew attention to some omissions, due to which the pension increase would not be fully felt by military pensioners, as well as pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The legislations will be prepared that will level the gaps on behalf of the President.

As for the main question. Recalculations show an additional requirement of 270 million rubles. Almost two-thirds of this amount is spent by the Ministry of Health. We are talking mainly about measures to combat coronavirus: the payment of allowances to doctors working with infected patients, the organization of catering in hospitals, including on the principles of outsourcing, the purchase of medicines and individual protective equipment as well as the COVID vaccine. Taking into consideration the instability of the epidemiological situation, it is difficult to make forecasts and make plans, it was noted at the meeting. Based on the data of the second half of 2020. An increase in government spending is also expected in such areas as the development of entrepreneurship, covering the difference in the payment of Russian allowances to pensions, updating uniforms and equipment through law enforcement agencies (including the purchase of fire safety systems and air recirculators).

Potential sources of additional cost coverage are also being discussed. There is a need to cut development programs, one of the main is Capital Investment Fund. The participants of the meeting went through the entire list of objects included in the program of capital investments of the current year, determining priorities point by point.


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