Tatiana Salkutsan at the European Swimming Championships

05/16/21 16:43

Tatiana Salkutsan at the European Swimming Championships

The Pridnestrovian athlete will perform at 4 distances

Tiraspol, May 16. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/ The European Aquatics Championships for adults will start tomorrow in the Hungarian capital. In the Moldavian national team, Tatiana Salkutsan from Tiraspol is preparing for her performance.

Photo: The Danube river and the Hungarian Parliament: a view from the hotel, where the Moldavian national team is living

The Pridnestrovian athlete in preparation for the European races took part at a ten-day training camp in Bulgaria. Together with other Moldavian competitive swimming leaders, Tatiana went to Budapest. The Moldavian team led by Yevgeny Karabetsky arrived in Hungary last night.

“Everything is very serious here. Everyone took two tests: a first one is an express test – just to get into the hotel room and then a PCR test. Then we were sitting for about six hours in our rooms without the right to leave it, in the morning we got the results – each was negative. We’ll only go to the swimming pool – it’s relatively close to us, about 6 minutes away – and then back to our hotel”, – the Moldavian national team’s massage therapist Svetlana Shepeleva, who at that moment is living with the team described details.

Tatiana Salkutsan in the European Championships participates in four programs types: 50, 100 and 200 meters backstroke as well as a mixed relay by a medley swimming. In the summer, the Pridnestrovian athlete will debut at the Tokyo Olympics. Tatiana Salkutsan is the Youth Olympic Games champion.


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